Stylmartin - 40 years on the road!

To celebrate 40 years of "on the road" activity, Stylmartin presents the 2020 collection with over 17 models including motorcycle shoes and boots and everyday use.

Stylmartin 2020 collection
Stylmartin District

Stylmartin has been at the feet of motorcyclists for forty years. A long history dotted with significant moments and constant growth on markets around the world with Made in Italy.

We were guests of the company in the splendid setting of Caravanserai, on the Milanese canals, to preview the collection 2020, with many new models.

Before introducing you to the new line, it seems only right to admit that, beyond the technical details, the design, the materials, what struck us most is the pure and genuine passion of an Italian company that produces everything in-house, with materials of the highest quality and with the primary objective of protecting the foot of those who go in motorcycle with the best possible product, in every sense.

And if they have been doing it for 40 years, the new collection is the confirmation of their success. We have touched this goal firsthand by discovering the collection, the materials, the finishes and the soles, as well as their passion has touched our hearts.

A path constantly linked to a strong identity: that of a company unwilling to compromise as far as quality, research and design are concerned. This milestone, reached in 2019, brings with it a collection never seen before, for the number of new lines and models, all with European certification, accompanied by an unprecedented "mood", which projects Stylmartin into the future.

INTERFERENCE is the theme and mood of the new collection.

An interference in the system. A rational research "outside the box". The styles are mixed, the categories are confused, the rules and stereotypes crumble, in the name of the most complete freedom of expression. Sport, streetwear, fashion, custom, urban, touring become territories to be explored and mixed in the name of affirming one's uniqueness, without losing sight of key factors such as: quality, protection, certifications, longevity, design.


They come into play 11 new models for a total of 17 different versions, united by a deliberately "unconventional" aesthetic. Footwear developed for the motorcyclist, protective and CE certified (all of them), but absolutely suitable also for free time, comfortable to wear for a long time not only in the saddle. An enormous work, an in-depth study of materials and style, which led to the optimization of the lines, the reduction of volumes, without ever compromising look, performance and quality. The Stylmartin DNA remains but refreshes itself, thus opening the doors to a wider and younger user, with even greater attention to the female audience.

Stylmartin 2020 collection
Vector Air in perforated leather and suede and Pearl Rock in leather and studs


Stylmartin inaugurates the new season with a new range which, as the name itself suggests, prefers models with a sporty and gritty character, certainly close to the current trends in terms of “fast” motorcycle footwear. Six models that make up the line:

VELOX - Dedicated to the male public who moves in the saddle of sports and naked. Available in one color.

VECTOR - Unisex and produced in 3 color versions, it is characterized by a “slim” design and light and comfortable materials such as microfiber.

VECTOR AIR - Represents the SPORT U summer proposal; it features a perforated upper and breathable mesh lining. Available in one color. The sizes include it among the Unisex models.

AUDAX - Recall of an 80s Stylmartin model, proposes a design that deliberately conceals its technical soul. Designed for men, it features a finely worked sole with original geometric patterns and is available in 3 color versions. 

AUDAX GLAM e AUDAX JUNGLE - Developed exclusively for the most glamorous bikers, the two models are embellished with parts in glitter and animalier “special fabrics”.


A staple for the brand, this extraordinary range has won over time many admirers thanks to diversified and transversal boots and boots. The new entries presented only increase this trend.

DISTRICT - Ankle boot dedicated to men, in soft full-grain leather proposed in brown color. 

PEARL LEO e PEARL ROCK - Two super daring “bikers” in a lady version, characterized by a personal touch that is difficult to find in a technical shoe. The right proposal not to compromise the daily outfit.


Considered to be the widest in its segment, this extraordinary line further extends the pace with the arrival of two unisex novelties.

CORE - Full grain leather sneaker, available in 3 colors. Minimalist and clean, it offers the “slim” volumes typical of leisure models.

GRID - Another sneaker, designed for the summer season and equipped with an upper in water-repellent waxed fabric. In the collection it is present in only one color version.

The choice has therefore become even wider, full of many new products that are added to the previous models that have made and still make the history of Stylmartin, in Italy and in the world.

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