Passo della Futa and Mugello

Itinerary on the Futa Pass starting from Florence.

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
Pass of the Futa

The Passo della Futa is considered one of the most exciting roads for motorcyclists: unique landscapes and many curves a stone's throw from Mugello.

The pass between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, which touches the famous Mugello circuit, is without one of the main destinations for those looking for many emotions on a motorbike.

Content index:

  1. The route from Tuscany
  2. Mugello
  3. The Pass and the Gothic Line
  4. The Raticosa Pass
  5. Map and tips


Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle curves fiesole florence
Florence seen from Fiesole

The Passo della Futa has always been the main crossing point between Emilia e Toscana, Between Firenze e Bologna. Starting from Firenze proceed north towards Fiesole. This town stands on the hill immediately behind Florence and, thanks to its elevated position, boasts a incomparable panorama on the lily city. Treat yourself to a stop in Piazza Mino from Fiesole, the focal point of the municipality, many routes start from here to visit numerous villas, palaces and museums.


Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle curves
The SR65 road

From Fiesole take the SR65 which will take you to the top of the pass. The curves are many, more or less demanding but all very fun and exciting, with a slight slope that slowly takes you higher and higher. Along the way you can linger and cool off on the Bilancino lake, an artificial basin for bathing in summer, or visit the Cafaggiolo Castle, one of the oldest and most famous of the Medici Villas. From here you can detour to the famous Mugello Circuit, where the best drivers in the world have been competing for years. A real thrill just to admire it from above, even more to take a tour, but it is not for everyone.

The Gothic Line

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle curves caberg montecarelli
Osteria of Montecarelli

We, who are more tourists than pilots, prefer to stop for lunch in the historic Osteria di Montecarelli, where you can stop to try the wonders of local cuisine, a must for many passing motorcyclists (don't forget to book). And finally, after still many beautiful curves, which make you rediscover the true pleasure of driving, you reach the top of the pass. During the Second World War the pass was of crucial importance for the Gothic Line and there were many German fortifications that dominated the surrounding peaks. Today it is possible to visit the Germanic cemetery, very impressive and which sadly brings together the bodies of over thirty thousand young German soldiers who died in the Tuscan-Emilian territory.

The Raticosa Pass

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
Raticosa pass

From here you can proceed towards Bologna or simply stretch for a few more kilometers towards the Raticosa pass, another famous pass and a paradise for motorcyclists, who often find themselves at the famous Chalet Raticosa, with a large square where you can stop and cool your smoking tires.

Map and information

The road is in good condition but not all sections are in great shape, so always pay attention to the surface and the traffic, which is often intense on weekends. And if you want to race to challenge yourself, avoid the state road, where there are no shortage of speed cameras and patrols, and take advantage of the magnificent Mugello Circuit.

For this itinerario we used: Helmet Caberg Levo - Motorcycle BMW R1200RS - Intercom Sena SF4 - Bags SW-Motech - Windscreen Wunderlich