Spidi Mission Beta

Spidi's Mission Beta concept jacket introduces wearable technology that alerts motorcyclists to the need to use the integrated breathing mask.

Spidi Mission Beta
Spidi Mission Beta

SPIDI Mission Beta the first motorcycle jacket that protects motorcyclists from urban pollution.

The Mission Beta concept jacket introduces wearable technology capable of monitoring air pollution and alerting motorcyclists to the need to use the integrated breathing mask.
SPIDI is paving the way for a new era in motorcycle equipment design by focusing on the real world challenges faced by motorcyclists in the 21st century.
Earlier this month, SPIDI presented the first technical jacket designed to help motorcyclists breathe and defend themselves from the high levels of air pollution, an increasingly concrete problem especially in the urban environment. The Mission Beta concept-jacket is just one of the revolutionary products developed within Mission Control, the research project that connects motorcyclists to their environment, improving their safety, comfort and sensory experience.

The first active jacket for motorcyclists

Mission Beta is the first active jacket in the world of motorcycle. SPIDI has developed a sensor that detects the level of air pollution at an unprecedented speed, providing real-time data that is displayed on a display positioned on the lower part of the sleeve.The position of the sensor is extremely important, even in the light of the its high sensitivity. A challenge was being able to position it on the neck, thus integrating it into the button closest to the respiratory tract. SPIDI has therefore designed an innovative integrated anti-pollution mask system specific for motorcycles, suitable for use with any type of helmet.

How it works

The “control panel” is integrated into the OLED display, positioned in a safe point of the sleeve and built in such a way as to avoid damage to the rider in the event of a fall. In addition to the data on air pollution, the system provides other basic information such as date / time, temperature and degree of humidity inside the jacket, suggesting for example on the OLED display the removal or addition of the thermal layer when the temperature is too high or too low, or the extraction of the reflex panels in conditions of poor visibility.

3 levels of feedback, 3 levels of protection.

The sensor has 3 feedback levels: LOW, MID and HIGH. At the LOW level, you don't need to wear any masks. At the MID level, through the display of the monitor and the vibrations, the jacket warns riders that they should wear the mask. At HIGH level, the jacket recommends wearing the mask and selecting the "alert mode". By manually switching to this mode, the inhalation airflow is diverted through stronger protection filters while automatically opening the exhalation valve to ensure an optimal breathing experience.

Invisible integration technology

The system turns on and off automatically when it detects a state of immobility: it is completely independent and does not require pairing with an app. SPIDI's mission is to provide motorcyclists with reliable safety devices that work in a simple and intuitive way. This is why they cannot depend on their compatibility with third party software. More information on www.spidi.com/missioncontrol

Good road to all and remember that "Roads are made for travel, not for destinations" (Confucius).

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