60 km / h limit for motorbikes in Trentino

Speed ​​limit reduced to 60 km / h on the most popular roads in Trentino, even if only for motorcycles, to reduce the number of accidents and deaths.

Trentino speed cameras limit

Starting today, 25 July 2020, the 60 km / h limit is imposed on the roads considered to be the most dangerous in Trentino, or destination for geeks.

The mountain roads of the Trentino, considered more insidious, or a destination for sprinters in general, are now subject to a considerable lowering of the speed limit in order to reduce the number of accidents. So, after it stop to noisy motorbikes in Tyrol (with the proposal to extend the provision also to the Dolomites), the age-old question of roads exchanged for circuits (from those few senseless elements) and incompetent public administrations and / or unable to find more sensible solutions.

A solution that makes a lot of discussion and reflection. First of all because the limit imposed is in some sections for all motor vehicles, while in others only at motorcycle (thus leaving the cars free to "run"). Secondly, because, as always, we are faced with an Italian-style “piece” that should be faced with clearly different and more effective methods and strategies than the classic sterile prohibition.

In fact, from today, to the cry of "Go running in Misano" the Vice President of the Province Mario Tonina introduced the new speed limits to "discourage" some unruly motorcyclists. The following roads must be traveled at a sleep-inducing speed and in any case risky when it is only the bike that is forced to slow down.

SP85 of Monte Bondone: from the junction with the SS 45 bis Gardesana Occidentale, passing through Sardagna, Candriai, Vaneze, Norge, Vason, Viote, Lagolo, to the end of the road, corresponding to the roundabout intersection with the SP84 of Cavedine and the SP251 of Ponte Oliveti , in the municipalities of Trento and Madruzzo.

SP25 of Garniga: from the end of the inhabited center of Garniga Terme, passing through the locality of Garniga Vecchia, to the end of the road in the locality of Viote, corresponding to the intersection with the SP85 of Monte Bondone, in the municipalities of Garniga Terme and Trento.

SP 3 of Monte Baldo: starting just above the end of the inhabited center of Brentonico, passing through the localities of San Giacomo, San Valentino, Rifugio Graziani, Bocca di Navene, Dossioli, up to the border with the province of Verona, in the municipalities of Brentonico and Avio.

SS 240 of Loppio and Val di Ledro, in the stretch of Val D'Ampola, up to the beginning of the inhabited center of Storo, in the municipalities of Ledro and Storo.

For the following paths instead, the maximum limit of speed of 60 kilometers per hour , in both directions of travel, for the motorcycle category only, on routes not already subject to a lower limit of 50 kilometers per hour (valid for all vehicle categories):

SS42 of Tonale and Mendola: in the stretch between the end of the inhabited center of loc. Passo del Tonale, passing through Vermiglio, up to the beginning of the inhabited center of loc. Forges.

SP31 del Step Manghen: in the stretch between the beginning of the pass, at the intersection with the SP65 Panoramica della Valsugana, passing through loc. Calamento, Passo Manghen, loc. Ponte Stue, loc. Canton, up to the intersection with the SP232 of Fiemme dir Molina, in the municipalities of Telve and Castello-Molina di Fiemme.

Source ildolomiti.it


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