Spain offroad in motion Fly & Ride version

Wild Spain between asphalt and off-road. A long weekend in fly & ride mode: land, get on the bike and have fun.

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We decided to go to Spain to experience the “African” experience by motorbike in just three days, with an Italian rental and guide.

Here is our story of this escape with an African charm but with a Spanish flavor, especially when to accompany our trip there is good wine, excellent cuisine and the comfort of an international hotel.

Not just "hard traks" therefore, but pampering and caresses. It starts on Wednesday evening and in less than two hours here we are Valencia with its beautiful old town and always full of life, clear skies and spring temperatures even during the coldest winter months.

After the classic paella Valenciana, we are in the bright hall of the Valencia Congres hotel that hosts us on the first night. Tomorrow morning a full-throttle day awaits us, so all to bed!

Spain Fly & Drive morocco motorcycle europe off-road enduro road travel only helmet offroad passionThey arrive early at seven in the morning, and after a hearty breakfast, we are already in the garage riding ours motorcycle. The motorcycle fleet we have available offers us one BMW F800GS Touratech, some "special"Of the caliber of Honda HRC Boano Marathon and a new F800 GS that runs beautifully.

Let's start immediately for Teruel along dirt tracks for over 200 kilometers: the views that follow one another are beautiful, accompanied only by the sound of the wind. When we turn off our bikes, Europe as we know it really feels a long way off. The lunch break is based on ham tight and fresh cerveza, first approach to local specialties. It always and rigorously starts on a dirt road between hills planted with citrus fruits, crossing western-style canyons among indescribable landscapes. The traces sought over time with passion, dedication and professionalism by Paolo known as “il ciap", Give us roads unknown to most, and emotions at every kilometer of dust and dirt roads.

The day flies by and almost with regret he finds us at the hotel. The well-deserved relaxation, the comfort of the hotel and the excellent dinner recharge us for the following day. Paolo tells us that tomorrow is serious, so a short briefing on the stage that awaits us, a last sip of wine and everyone in bed.

Spain Fly & Drive morocco motorcycle europe off-road enduro road travel only helmet offroad passionThe next morning the sun is shining, a great day for riding a motorbike. We are in February but the temperature is already high, with ben 18% at seven in the morning. Our destination is Requena, replicating yesterday with the hot "throttle", now we have the measure of the bikes and the terrain. We devour the 250 kilometers of the itinerary that Paolo has drawn. Not an uncertainty to the numerous crossroads encountered, the recent scouting of our guide and the updates of the tracks worked perfectly. Tired but satisfied with unspoiled and spectacular landscapes, we park the motorbikes in the small historic square of Requena where the hilarious welcome of Antonio and Anita awaits us, the owners of the hotel in which we will spend the evening, based on local specialties, and the night.

The next morning we leave for Valencia with a challenging stage between roads and tracks of almost 300 kilometers that do not make us regret the recent experiences in Morocco. We are again immersed in nature and precisely within the Penyagolosa Natural Park, and then cross the Sierra of Mayabona, large spaces alternating with woods, with nature that explodes luxuriantly when we cross the Sierra de la Lastra.

We spend one more night in Valencia, between comfort, photos, videos, the desire to get back on the road. But tomorrow we return to Milan, satisfied and happy as children, above all because we know that with two hours of flight we can soon return to have fun in this amusement park for motorcyclists that only the Spain can offer. We will definitely be back together with Paul Ciapessoni, Owner of Off-Road Passion, who was flawless in all stages of the experience, from the tracks to driving, from support to assistance. Also, get to Spain and have at your disposal the beautiful and fun bikes of Fabio Lerede, holder of rental Only Helmet it really is the icing on the cake, indeed, on the tortilla!

FLY & WRINKLED: our opinion.
We have traveled a lot and with our motorcycles it is always a pleasure until you have to: prepare the motorbike, think about spare parts, make documents, insurance, book ships, get on board ... and then hours on the ship.
For this reason the formula of fly & ride it is becoming the increasingly winning solution. First because if you only have a few days available you can do very little, second because if on the one hand it is more expensive, on the other it allows you to take a flight, with your bag, arrive and have fun without thinking about anything else.
Furthermore, if it is true that your beloved bike stays at home, on the other hand you protect it from risks, wear and dust, enjoying the journey and the bike that you may have wanted to try or that you have always dreamed of. Special di Only Helmet, to feel almost a "Dakarian".

For more information visit the website of Only Helmet where you will also find the organized tours by Paolo Ciapessoni of Offroad Passion.