Enduro and Cross suspensions – How to prepare mono and forks

Enduro and cross suspensions: safety, performance and maintenance - how to prepare and improve WP Explor - Lainer Suspension kits

In enduro, as in any other motorsport, suspension is a key part of a motorcycle's performance package.

The suspension, in enduro and cross, must be able to handle a wide range of terrains, from rocks to roots, from mud to sand. In addition, the suspension must be able to handle the weight and movement of the rider while ensuring a smooth and safe ride.

For this reason we have decided to modify the original WP suspensions of our Husqvarna FE350 with the best products currently on the market, namely the Liner Suspension: bladder kits for the mono shock absorber and the XPlor Fork PLUS WP kit, which adds the adjustments that do not exist as standard, i.e. two compressions below and two returns above.

But why did we need to modify the original equipment suspension?

The answer can be divided into three main categories: security, control and performance.

Walther Lolli - Lainer Suspension preparation shock absorbers suspension forks cross motocross enduro kit
Walther Lolli–Lainer Suspension


Enduro suspension is essential to ensure rider safety. The terrain you ride on can be extremely rough and dangerous, and the suspension helps absorb bumps and vibrations that can make it difficult to control the bike. motorcycle. Without effective suspension, the rider would be forced to race over terrain that could be extremely dangerous, leading to crashes and injuries. For this reason, thanks to the Lainer Suspension bladder kit and the modification to the forks, we now have a chassis that keeps us well anchored to the ground, in all road conditions and in all situations (cornering, braking, acceleration…).


The suspension is also essential for the control of the bike. Enduro and cross require a high degree of motorcycle control, as the rider must be able to navigate through difficult and complex terrain, jump, avoid obstacles, jump and land safely. The preparation of Lainer Suspension helps even more to maintain the stable motion, so that the rider can concentrate on driving. Furthermore, the work carried out helps to improve the adhesion of the wheels to the surface, calibrating the suspension on the basis of the terrain, driving style and rider, reducing the risk of loss of control.

preparation shock absorbers suspension forks cross motocross enduro Kit Bladder - Lainer Suspension
Bladder-Lainer Suspension Kit


Finally, the suspension is essential for the performance of the bike. A good suspension and relative calibration can greatly improve the speed and agility of the bike, both in competitions and in amateur use. The suspensions, revised and well calibrated, help manage the weight of the rider and the bike, ensuring greater stability and a better trajectory control, improving shock absorption and allowing the rider to accelerate smoother and faster.

Machine maintenance

To ensure that your suspension is always in top shape, it is important to carry out the maintenance regulate them. The service The suspension maintenance carried out by Lainer Suspension includes the cleaning and lubrication of parts, the replacement of worn components, a complete check of each individual component and tightening. The maintenance intervals in the case of amateur use are obviously higher than in competitions. In any case, we always recommend contacting a professional to find out when and how to intervene.

preparation suspension shock absorbers forks cross motocross enduro WP Xplor fork conversion kit
WP Xplor fork conversion kit


Enduro motorcycle manufacturers invest large resources every year in the research and development of new technologies and innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the suspensions. The adoption of new materials, the use of gas shock absorbers and the introduction of electronic adjustment systems are just a few examples of the innovations that have revolutionized the world of enduro suspension. However it is also true that some cheaper solutions are seen more and more often even on very famous brands. For this reason we always recommend the advice and intervention of an expert, such as Walther Lolli, because the first objective is always safety.

Today Liner Suspension Racing It has a know how it's a very high level of quality in the design and construction of its components, also acquired thanks to the many experiences with professional pilots from all over the world. Lainer Supension Racing is present and successful in the AMA Supercross Championships e He loves Motocross.

In conclusion, the importance of suspension in enduro should not be underestimated. Suspension is essential to ensure rider safety, bike control and overall performance. Good suspension helps keep the bike stable and gripping the surface, improving the bike's speed and agility. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of the suspension and make sure that it is always in excellent shape to be able to better deal with any type of terrain, in order to maximize the pleasure and safety while driving.