Summer in motion: the saddle and gloves that do not heat up!

Hot? Hot saddle? Hot hands? Here are two excellent solutions from Germany.

Wunderlich saddle - Aktivkomfort ThermoPro
On the left the Wunderlich rider seat - On the right the original BMW passenger

Here are two very useful accessories for the summer (and not only): the Wunderlich Aktivekomfort saddle and the Held Fresco II gloves that do not heat up.

Summer in motion, the most beautiful season but what a burning saddle that under the sun becomes a grill pan and the gloves two small ovens for cooking croissants! So while Wunderlich thinks about your butt, Held takes care of your hands.

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  1. Wunderlich Aktivkomfort ThermoPro saddle
  2. Held Fresco II gloves

Wunderlich Aktivkomfort ThermoPro saddle

In many km traveled from April to today we have been able to test the comfort and benefits of the Wunderlich saddle, which for years has been making accessories only for BMW motorcycles. We are talking about the Aktivekomfort ThermoPro, a saddle designed to make you enjoy all the best of riding in all seasons, but even more in summer.

Seat Wunderlich - Aktivkomfort ThermoPro BMW Motorrad
Wunderlich saddle - Aktivkomfort ThermoPro

Elegant and with above-average quality materials, the Wunderlich saddle has first of all been optimized in terms of comfort with a progressive two-layer structure with a soft upper layer and a stiffer inner layer, so as not to deform with weight. Many kilometers without experiencing the slightest annoyance.

The pressure is distributed over a larger surface, which leads to a significantly better weight distribution and a lowering of the most exposed points, especially with a concave section specific for the coccyx.

The ThermoPro coating also guarantees a heat reduction up to 25 ° (cf) cheaper than the original upholstery. Tested on my skin, I can guarantee that the difference is there and you can hear it all. We have in fact tested first hand (and not only) the difference with the original passenger seat, just to have a direct comparison in the field. The test was done in Milan, with 31 degrees and slightly cloudy skies. The Wunderlich saddle recorded about 36 degrees, while that BMW was over 43 degrees centigrade (the thermometer over 43 degrees marks "Hi").

Seat Wunderlich - Aktivkomfort ThermoPro BMW Motorrad
Wunderlich saddle - Measurements

In addition, the anti-slip coating is also anti-sweat, due to the surface that allows an imperceptible recirculation of the air, while retaining its waterproof qualities, well tested under heavy showers.

In conclusion and without words, fortunately there are companies like Wunderlich to produce these accessories, because the journey of comfort becomes even more beautiful and rewarding, especially when you leave motorcycle in the sun and then sit there something slightly warm but not hot. Only flaw: Wunderlich only produces for BMW models! The retail price is Euro 349,00 (VAT at 19%).

Held Fresco II gloves

Let's move on to the hands, which in the summer sweat, swell and even struggle to put them on when it's really hot. Here it comes into play Hero, always from Germany, with the Fresco II, a glove designed like the saddle, with different technology but the same benefit.

Held - Fresco II summer leather gloves
Held - Fresco II

With the TFL-Cool-System® technology, the surface temperature of the leather can be reduced by over 20 ° C and the wearer has a reduction of the internal temperature which can reach up to 12 ° c.

To keep its extraordinary characteristics unaltered over time, it is advisable to treat leather equipped with this technology only with natural grease as the pigments and dyes normally present in products dedicated to skin care can destroy its reflective effect. On the contrary, by treating the skin following these simple suggestions, the “Cool” effect will not be lost even after years. The retail price is Euro 87,95 € (VAT included).