Sixs - Review of the motorcycle technical underwear

Winter and summer technical underwear for motorcycles. Sixs product review.

Sixs is the Italian company that produces in our opinion the best technical underwear for motorcycles and other sports. Here is our review.

We tested summer and winter clothing, but we remind everyone that Sixs also has a 4-season line. Our test was done on the roads of Lake Como in the middle of winter (with a freezing cold!) And in the middle of summer doing specialist enduro (and we were dying of heat). In all situations we have passed them with flying colors.

Content index

  1. Windproof jacket
  2. Merino wool turtleneck
  3. Light summer t-shirt
  4. Leggings with pad

Windproof winter jacket


Excellent protection from cold and wind, very comfortable to wear, light and breathable. The zip placed on the side avoids neck discomfort and protects from any air infiltrations from the central zips of the jackets motorcycle.

  • Cold air protection, warmth and comfort
  • Complete transpiration of moisture from the skin
  • Mix of different textile materials suitably positioned
  • Maintains proper body thermoregulation

Long sleeve merino turtleneck


Extremely soft, gentle on the skin, with excellent temperature regulation in the colder months.

  • Specific line for winter in merino wool
  • Excellent barrier against the cold
  • Ideal for use as underwear
  • Or as an intermediate layer at low temperatures

Lightweight short-sleeved shirt


The best technical shirt I have ever tried: comfortable, very light, it dries immediately and does not generate bad smells even after intensive use. Perfect for traveling or for motorsport or sports activities practiced in the summer.

  • Suitable for all sports practiced in conditions of high temperature
  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin, below normal clothing sports
  • Massimo sweat control, keeps the skin always dry, counteracts the formation of bad odors
  • Maintains the correct body thermoregulation

Lightweight leggings


Extremely light, it protects against abrasions with technical garments such as enduro trousers and with protections such as knee pads. The model with pad is a real godsend, especially for those with a hard or thin saddle like the enduro ones.

  • Suitable for all sports practiced in high temperature conditions
  • To be worn directly in contact with the skin, under normal sportswear
  • Maximum sweat control, keeps the skin dry, counteracts the formation of bad odors
  • Maintains proper body thermoregulation
  • Also available with Motorcycle Pad

For more information and online purchases you will find everything on the Sixs site.