Sixs presents the All Black and Dark Blue jerseys

New colors for Sixs All season technical underwear in Carbon Underwear: All black and Dark blue in four different configurations.

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Sixs All Season: All Black and Dark Blue

Sixs All Season underwear t-shirts dedicated to cycling, motorcycling and all indoor and outdoor sports, are renewed with two new colors: All Black and Dark Blue.

The UnderWear All Season SMX, TS1, TS2 and TS3 models made by SIXS in Carbon Underwear, thanks to the careful mix of technical fibers and the particular intertwining point, they guarantee perfect transpiration and a constant body temperature during all seasons and in all climatic conditions.

SMX - Sleeveless in Carbon Underwear

SMX is it sleeveless in Carbon Underwear perfect for the hottest days, but actually suitable for wearing on the skin during all seasons. When cycling, in motorcycle or when, more generally, a sport is practiced, to have the best comfort, it is necessary to wear a garment that allows the athlete to maintain the correct body temperature, transporting sweat (and with it the heat) outside, without absorb it. What is obtained in this way is a pleasant and constant sensation of dryness and freshness on the skin. Price 46,00 € (VAT included).

TS1 - Short Sleeves Crewneck in Carbon Underwear

TS1 is a short-sleeved crew neck made of Carbon Underwear perfect in every situation and in every climatic condition. Unlike the sleeveless (SMX), the sleeve wraps the upper arm and the armpit, subject to abundant sweating, keeping the epidermis cool and dry. Price 55,50 € (VAT included).

TS2 - Long Sleeves Crewneck in Carbon Underwear

TS2 is a long-sleeved crew neck made of Carbon Underwear capable of allowing thermoregulation of the body and transpiration of the epidermis in any climatic condition (outdoor and indoor). The long sleeve wraps the whole portion of the upper limbs keeping the skin cool. In addition, it slightly protects the rider from drafts if he wears a short-sleeved outer garment. Price 63,00 € (VAT included).

TS3 - Long Sleeve Turtleneck in Carbon Underwear

TS3 is a long-sleeved mock neck made of Carbon Underwear, breathable and thermoregulating in any weather condition. The long sleeve wraps the whole portion of the upper limbs keeping the skin fresh and interposing itself with a possible upper head. If you wear a short-sleeved top, it slightly protects from fresh currents. The mock neck protects the throat from sudden changes in temperature and cool currents. Price 68,00 € (VAT included).

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