Shark Spartan RS, the new ECE 22-06 homologated full face helmet

The new Shark Spartan RS is the full-face helmet with an unmistakable look and among the first with the new ECE 22-06 regulation.

Shark Spartan RS full face helmet ece 22-06 approved
Shark Spartan RS

Shark presents the new Spartan RS, one of the first full-face helmets already homologated with the new ECE 22-06 regulation. Sporty, aggressive look and unparalleled elegance.

Safety reaches maximum performance thanks to the latest evolution of the French manufacturer's full-face helmet. Developed according to the new ECE 22-06 regulation, it offers a level of protection never seen before, with a look that will win over fans.

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The latest addition to the Spartan family, the Spartan RS is Shark's new full-face helmet for the 2022 season and the first ECE 22-06 homologated helmet from the French manufacturer. The new full-face brilliantly exceeded the requirements of the new homologation legislation without forgetting the aesthetic side, definitely in roadster style.

Sylvain Guintoli's words on safety

During the presentation of the Spartan RS, we interviewed the Superbike world champion, Sylvain Guintoli, winner of the 24 Hours of Les Mans, who has been collaborating with Shark for over 20 years: literally the crash test dummies for excellence. In fact, Sylvain and the other riders contribute, with each crash, to giving real feedback on safety, as well as many other very useful impressions.

Sylvain Guintoli - 24h Les Mans shark suzuki
Sylvain Guintoli - 24h Les Mans

For this reason, the experience in the world of racing is one of the winning factors for the development of helmets street legal. So know that in every Shark helmet there are many tricks by Guintoli and his companions.

Small indiscretion: between the races and the family (with 6 children), Guintoli practically goes from a racing car to a minivan, but he is looking forward to taking a ride on the The Dolomites. Will we be able to keep up with him when he comes to do so?


The combination of the multi-axial outer shell and the internal multi-density EPS ensures the highest level of protection and exceeds the standards also imposed by the new ECE 22-06 regulation.

The ultra-resistant visor offers an extra level of safety, thanks to its locking system with 4 anchor points, directly inspired by the Race-R Pro GP.

As for the Race-R Pro GP FIM, the only helmet with racing (FIM) homologation in all sizes, the Spartan RS has also been designed following the highest safety standards, not just those essential for the new homologation.

Shark Spartan RS full face helmet ece 22-06 approved
Shark Spartan RS


The shape of the Spartan RS has been conceived and designed to limit aerodynamic drag, minimize the "buffeting" effect and reduce noise at medium and high speeds.

The design is reminiscent of modern muscle cars and muscle bikes, offering the rider an iconic and assertive look. The perforated faux leather details complete the work by adding comfort and quality inspired by the world of clothing motorcycle.


The Spartan RS ultra-performing VZ 300 visor, already adopted by Spartan GT, is able to offer a unique optical quality, and has been designed to be in class 1 with variable thickness, in order to avoid any visual distortion at any angle. The internal sun visor is UV380 approved and offers optimized ergonomics, with a toothing system that allows precise positioning.

Shark Spartan RS full face helmet ece 22-06 approved
Shark Spartan RS


In addition to safety, the SPARTAN RS offers comfort, offering “ALVEOTECH” fabric interiors guaranteed by SANITIZED® to ensure antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-sweat efficacy. All internal fabrics are removable and machine washable at 30 ° C. The padding ensures optimal comfort and helps to isolate noise. Finally, this Shark helmet also benefits from the “Easyfit” system which offers a lot of practicality and comfort even to those who wear glasses.


The ventilation system offers an incredibly effective supply of fresh air. The lower diffusers guide the air towards the inside of the helmet, while the upper ventilation system conveys the fresh air into the channels dedicated to the upper part of the head. The extraction of hot air is ensured by the rear spoiler and its grilles that maximize the Venturi effect. The ventilation system is completed by the "air blow" position of the visor which facilitates the rapid demisting of the same.

Available in 7 different graphics, sizes range from XS to XXL (two caps). The starting price is Euro 355,99 (VAT included).