Shark Spartan GT Carbon

Shark Spartan GT Carbon the helmet with a high concentration of technology for sporty driving with the perfect comfort for those traveling by motorbike.

Shark Spartan Carbon GT
Shark Spartan Carbon GT

The new full-face helmet from the French company represents the latest evolution in the Sport Touring segment.

After having presented, in 2016, the “Carbon Skin” version of the helmet at the top of the Shark Pulse family, now it's time for SPARTAN GT CARBON in the different exclusive graphics.

In particular, for the near future, to travel on medium / long distances, the motorcycle will surely represent the most valid and reliable alternative. From this point of view, and not only from that of road safety, the new Spartan GT CARBON is, due to its characteristics, the best possible adventure companion.

Excellence in the sport touring segment, the new model benefits, in fact, from the latest innovations and the historical know-how of Shark: more silent and stable during longer journeys, Spartan is also particularly light and performing in fast driving, where you appreciate the its full complement of accessories and effective internal ventilation. Also new is the visor that derives directly from that of the top of the sports range.

1Research and development

Shark Spartan Carbon GT
Shark Spartan Carbon GT

Shark's R&D department has studied this new product using two distinct technologies: FEA (a numerical crash test simulation) to guarantee an optimal level of protection and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to be able to optimize the aerodynamic stability of the helmet and air flows, minimize noise and have a perfect internal ventilation of the helmet thanks to an excellent cooling system.

In particular, the presence of a double spoiler with air extractors optimizes the aerodynamic paths and temperature control inside the helmet.

The Spartan has been designed with the new CFD technology that allows you to evaluate all air flows to optimize them for perfect aerodynamics. In this way, even the extractors to channel the flows are highly efficient. SHARK's R&D department then developed (below) a new visor attachment system with anti-noise “Autoseal System” (allows you to close the helmet visor hermetically and keep cold, wind, noise outside…).

The new Spartan GT Carbon full-face helmet benefits from SHARK's latest innovations and historical expertise. The overlapping of various layers of fibers and carbon, associated with multi-density EPS (expanded polystyrene), offers a very high level of protection.

2VZ 300 visor as sui racing

Shark Spartan Carbon GT
Shark Spartan Carbon GT

The new SPARTAN GT visor is inspired by the standard VZ100 on our racing model the RACE-R PRO GP, adopted by all Shark riders. This visor is able to offer a unique optical quality, and has been designed to be in optical class 1 with variable thickness, in order to avoid any visual distortion.


The Spartan GT Carbon has 3D “morpho” cheek pads, to perfectly adapt to every physiognomy, thus offering optimal comfort and support during long journeys. It also offers “ALVEOTECH” fabric interiors guaranteed by SANITIZED® to ensure antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-sweat efficacy, as well as a double chin strap to choose which one to use in summer or winter.

4New lateral mechanisms

Also new for the side plates

• New central locking position to improve air entry

• 4 lateral attachment points

• “Ultra soft” movement of the visor

• SHARK SKIN side supports to avoid the "buffeting" effect (aerodynamic disturbances) and allow the reduction of noise at ear height

5Shark Emergency Remove System

New “SHARK EMERGENCY REMOVE SYSTEM” concept to quickly and intuitively remove the neck roll and cheek pads in the event of an accident.

6Ventilation system

Adjustable and optimized ventilation system:

• Double entry chin guard with guided air circulation towards the visor

• Ergonomic upper ventilation: integrated sliding mechanism to ensure optimal ventilation

• Double air extractor to create a “Venturi effect” with central ON / OFF control system

Sizes: from XS to XXL - Warranty: 5 years - Spartan GT Carbon graphics 7 different graphics - Starting from € 479,99 including VAT. For information visit the site Shark Helmets.

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