Sena 50c – Bluetooth Intercom and Action cam!

Sena 50C the Bluetooth intercom with integrated Action Cam and Harman Kardon speakers: test and review.

We tested it and scrambled it like never before, we even took the Sena 50C with us in the desert! Here are our impressions and the results of our test.

Premise: those who do enduro in the dunes usually hardly mount a Bluetooth, but with the built-in action cam, curiosity won out over reasonableness, so we tested it on the road and in the dunes.

The latest technological discovery by Sena, the well-known German company that produces some of the best communication devices not only for motorcycle, is called 50C and allows you to have two Harman Kardon speakers inside the helmet, with incredible sound, and a handy action camera outside the helmet.

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Sena 50C – Intercom Bluetooth Action Camera

Action Cam

Our first need was to register video e photo without having to mount other devices in addition to the communication system. On the road we passed it with full marks, for quality and resolution, which arrives up to 4K (without stabilization). When running in 1080p, the 50C features stabilization electronics of the image at 60fps and 30fps. In our opinion, its best use is to record the most beautiful points of your routes, take pictures while driving with a simple click, or to have a reliable cam dash, which loops everything that happens in front of us. Finally, with video tagging, you can save the most significant moments in a continuous loop of video recording, to highlight the highlights.

But let's also talk about some limitations: the view doesn't change, as the editing is inevitably lateral to the left, so your POV will always have the same "window" and often with the intrusion of the helmet's chin guard on the right. However, we don't mind this at all because it makes it much better than a boring POV of a single street. The other limitation is the vibrations. In fact, the device does not have an internal gimbal and mechanical stabilization, and the electronic one sometimes can't do it: after all, they cannot expect the performance of aaction cam from such a compact device that also acts as an intercom, Bluetooth and FM. But, apart from the sharp blow on the manhole cover, it still behaves very well on the road fluid videos e well-defined images.

Off-road chapter: don't do it, i.e. not with the 50C. We tried but the stresses are really excessive and the images are unusable. For extreme activities you need suitable devices made only for video.

sena 50c test review review test opinions price
Sena 50C

Audio: what a bomb!

The real surprise, however, is the sound. With speakers Harman Kardon it's a whole other life. Crisp, powerful and defined sound, for both calls and music. The speakers have been designed to work in sync with a new microphone, with a latest generation sensor, which guarantees optimal performance for voice transmission while driving without disturbances and for active noise cancellation (advanced noise control).

Mesh and Bluetooth communications

Obviously it retains all its fundamental functions such as the Intercom system (intercom) and Mesh technology, allowing users to connect with any Sena device and communicate between riders even at a considerable distance. Similar to handheld or standard CB radios, Mesh allows users to switch between nine channels when operating in Open Mesh mode. For a private group conversation, the 50C offers Group Mesh Intercom mode. Group Mesh supports a private group of up to 24 participants with the same range as Open Mesh. To ensure privacy, only invited users can join Group Mesh chat. The classic Bluetooth Intercom however, four-way continues to be an option for connecting the 50C to other Sena Bluetooth-enabled users. And finally, with a 50C helmet, you can connect to a Sena Bluetooth user and bridge them to a Mesh group.

Voice commands

Voice commands are a godsend and allow riders to control helmet functions without having to take their hands off the handlebars. Obviously they are not always perfect, especially if there are strong turbulences and external noises that can disturb the pilot's voice. In any case, we almost always managed to talk to Siri and ask her what we needed, like making a phone call home or playing the latest Maneskin album.

In conclusion the 50C is the ideal travel companion if you want a single device for audio and video. For the sound it's really excellent, for the images it defends itself very well but it can't fight on equal terms with devices that only do that, like GoPro or Insta360.