Sena 10C EVO

The 10C EVO from SENA is the best combination of Bluetooth, an integrated 4K camera and intercom for communicating with other riders.

Sena 10C EVO: the perfect combination of intercom, bluetooth and action camera.

How many times have we felt ridiculous with a helmet that looks like a military helmet or a Christmas tree? Bluetooth, camera, strange and protruding brackets ...

Sena certainly had us in mind when designing the 10CEVO and created a beautiful travel tool: in a single device, not very bulky, it inserted the intercom system for Sena is famous, the bluetooth system to connect smartphones and navigators, the action 4K cam.

sena 10c evo

Presented at EICMA 2019, we couldn't wait to see it and touch it with our hands. Maria Martino, Sena Marketing Specialist, tells us all the main features and functions. We will try it for you in a very short time!

Combining together the best communication technology via Bluetooth and an integrated 4K camera, 10C EVO is able to put you in communication with other riders and to film everything in a simple way. Some features of 10C EVO:

  • Compact design
  • A completely new camera in 40K / 30FPS video quality
  • Video Tagging
  • Smart Audio Mix ™
  • 4-way intercom up to 1.6 Km
  • Bluetooth connection for making calls, listening to music and following GPS directions
On the manufacturer's website find all the information.

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