Scorpion EXO 1400 CarbonAir

Comfort, luxury and safety in a single helmet: Scorpion EXO 1400 Carbon Air, the Gran Turismo helmet.

SCORPION EXO 1400 CARBON Air full face travel helmet carbon motorcycle maxi track RACING

Scorpion EXO 1400 Carbon Air is the racing-derived Gran Turismo helmet that stands out for its comfort and luxury features.

Thanks to the parties in carbon that sublimate an absolutely “racing” look and quality, hides the best Gran Turismo (GT) helmet ever produced by Scorpion Sports.

Thanks to its countless specifications, EXO 1400 Carbon Air (also available in the new Obscura and Drik graphics) enhances the best features in terms of safety, comfort and luxury. A unique versatility and a decidedly racing look for a truly superlative character.

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The cap Scorpion is in Ultra-TCT ™ Carbon, is available in three different sizes and is made by mixing the carbon fiber with the mix of noble fibers called Ultra-TCT® (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) so as to bring the weight to only 1250 gr and guarantee, together, great strength and better shock absorption. The air intakes are profiled while the interiors are incredibly enveloping as well as, of course, removable and washable while the Airfit® system makes them “customizable” also guaranteeing a level of comfort and safety that lasts over the years. In addition to the clear visor, Exo 1400 Air Carbon is sold with a “Dark smoke” visor included.

SCORPION EXO 1400 CARBON Air full face travel helmet carbon motorcycle maxi track RACING


Thanks to the new Ellip-Tec ™ mechanism, the visor can be replaced easily and without the use of tools. Equipped with very powerful springs, it guarantees a totally hermetic and more silent tightening (of the visor) along the gasket. In the event of a fall, Ellip-Tec proves to be resistant and able to keep the visor in place.

The visor locking system positioned in the center of locking / unlocking the visor ensures a perfectly hermetic closure. The visor can also assume three different positions:
- 1) Open
- 2) Closed
- 3) Slightly open, in order to let a small gust of air pass.

Speedview® retractable sun visor with anti-fog treatment on both sides.

Pinlock® 100% MaxVision 3D which ensures 100% anti-fog action. The anti-fog lens is positioned on the visor to ensure maximum visibility.


The new KwikWick®III fabric with antibacterial properties that covers the interior (removable and washable) keeps both the head and face dry and fresh whatever the external temperature and humidity conditions.

The AirFit® inflatable inner cushions guarantee high comfort and fit.

The internal KwikFit ™ cushions allow you to easily put on and take off the most used eyewear models.


The air intakes are profiled to ensure the highest level of silence while the new ventilation system guarantees great air recycling thanks to the Venturi effect.

The nasal deflector ensures that the rider's breath does not create condensation on the visor.


Removable internal cheek pads made to make it easier for specialized personnel to remove the helmet in the event of an accident.

“Double-D” locking ring for maximum security.

Sizes and prices

Shell available in 3 sizes - XS-M - L - XL-XXL

Weight in size M 1.250 gr (+/- 50 gr)


Prices: CARBON AIR Solid Black Euro 389,90 - Solid Matt Black Euro 409,90 - Graphics OBSCURA, DRIK, LEGIONE, BEAUX Euro 439,90