Schuberth E2 the new flip up adventure helmet

Schuberth presents E2, the new flip-up travel and adventure helmet with double approval and an unparalleled sound system.

New Schuberth E2 full face helmet test review price discount
New Schuberth E2

After the success of the E1, Schuberth presents the new adventure helmet, complete with every comfort, like the road twin and finally usable even open!

Schuberth E2 represents the second generation of Schuberth adventure helmets and is the second helmet in the range equipped with double approval P / J and complies with the new ECE 22.06 standard.

Schuberth E2 is the perfect mix between the comfort of the famous "C" series and the aggressive look of an offroad helmet. The new E2 also integrates all the latest SCHUBERTH standards in terms of safety, aerodynamics and aeroacoustic performance.

Il new peak of the E2 was developed in the SCHUBERTH wind tunnel to minimize shaking and vibrations. The E2 offers the rider multiple configurations. The peak was in fact designed not only to be easily adjustable to 3 positions, but also to be easily removed.

To maintain comfort when traveling long distances off-road or on the road, ventilation and temperature control are essential. Schuberth E2 is equipped with a double air intake on the chin guard; the upper upper one, designed to prevent the visor from fogging up when driving in cold conditions, while the lower one is responsible for guaranteeing an additional air flow when driving in extreme heat conditions. Dust, mud and insects are part of adventures off road. To prevent them from entering the helmet, the air inlet on the chin guard is equipped with a washable and replaceable filter.

New Schuberth E2 full face helmet test review price discount
New Schuberth E2

The E2 takes ventilation to the next level. Schuberth E2 is equipped with a upper air intake adjustable in two positions and a rear spoiler that is more generous and includes an air extractor to ensure excellent airflow when driving in the most difficult conditions.

The interior of the Schuberth E2 set a new benchmark in terms of comfort. The standard pads have been developed to offer uncompromising comfort for all riders. But riders with “extreme” head shapes are usually forced to compromise with the comfort and size of the helmet. For Schuberth, compromise is not an option, so the new E2 also benefits from the SCHUBERTH INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM, offering the ability to customize the fit with multiple thickness options for the side, back and cheek pads. (Customization of the pad available for sizes M/L/XL).

For Schuberth the safety it is at the heart of every product. The E2 has dual P/J homologation and meets ECE 22.06 standards. The shell of the Schuberth E2 is made in glass fiber with the patented SCHUBERTH DIRECT FIBER PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY e reinforced with carbon fiber to improve shock absorption and lighten weight.

Like the entire Schuberth range, the E2 also benefits from Anti-Roll Off system connected to the straps repositioned further forward than the traditional housing, to ensure greater comfort in the throat area.

The most advanced technology available to the Schuberth E2. Extremely easy to install, configure and use, the SC2 bluetooth/intercom/FM system sets a new standard of communication in motorcycle. High definition speakers and three antennas, one FM, one Bluethooth and one for Mesh communication, are already installed in the helmet. With Mesh 2.0 technology, it is now possible to connect with a virtually infinite number of participants. In addition to that, the Schuberth SC2 system includes high definition speakers and microphone latest generation developed by Sena, an advanced noise reduction system, voice assistant and a communication range comparable to the best performing products available on the market.