Schuberth C4 PRO - Video test and Review

Handmade in Germany, the Schuberth C4 Pro flip-up helmet remains one of the best travel helmets for all seasons.

One of the best modular helmets on the market the Schuberth C4 Pro we have tested, squeezed and chopped for 3 months in a row and thousands of km.

Considering and considering that we spend a lot of time on the road, in all conditions and grinding so many km, we could not help but choose a great helmet that made you feel almost at home.

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And that's right: the C4 Pro, when you wear it, gives you that wonderful feeling of a sofa at home, comfortable, welcoming and protective.

First impressions

First because you obviously feel the weight, in the average of the modular units, of the quality and the materials used. Second because the comfort interior is what makes you feel comfortable all day and in all weather conditions. Third because each helmet is handmade in Germany, tested in the wind tunnel and subjected to all kinds of tests on the safety. Fourth because the sound of this modular is in line with the top of the range of the competition, both for soundproofing and for the audio quality of the intercom system for which it is designed (the bluetooth module is sold as an accessory).


Obviously, the eye also wants its part and the Schuberth stands out for its elegance and clean, modern design. The upper air intake integrates with the lines of the shell, without creating dangerous and noisy protrusions, creating a nice flow of air inside. With the cool you feel it immediately when it comes into operation, but when it is closed it is well sealed inside from cold and water. Even the visor has been designed to follow the lines of the helmet without creating critical protrusions and among other things it changes in a second.


THEair it flows well and does not create pressure on the cervical or in other parts of the helmet, even at the highest speeds, ensuring high cruising comfort. The under-chin and the padding that seal the head once closed, limit internal air flows as much as possible, allowing to reach high standards of soundproofing. Not the quietest ever, but it certainly comes close to the performance of an integral. Furthermore, the bluetooth, intercom and FM module inserted in the shell is truly excellent: first because it is produced by Sena for Schuberth (therefore top of the range too), second because you can't see anything outside. In this case, we recommend purchasing the remote control to put on the handlebar, because the buttons are a bit small and then because you avoid taking your hands off the handlebar.


The upholstery is soft and very pleasant in contact with the skin. A real pleasure to wear. When you close it you get that feeling of comfort, like from a car interior, if you know what I mean. In summer it is not exactly the coolest when you are stopped at traffic lights, but the very effective air flow and the breathable materials make you immediately feel at ease as soon as you enter the first. However, I highly recommend trying it in the shop, because I, who have always worn the Medium size, had to take a Large for the Schuberth C4 Pro.


With the chin guard up, the sail effect is minimal up to a certain speed, but I remind everyone that unfortunately the C4 Pro does not have the double P / J approval, because according to Schuberth, a modular helmet is only protective when closed. Consequently, even in their manuals they recommend that you always close it when you are on the move. We also recommend the same thing of course, but we cannot deny the pleasure of an open helmet when crossing a built-up area within the limits, or when you are in a queue or in similar situations.

But don't be stopped by this "non-defect" because if you want a great helmet to match your cruiser or maxi enduro to grind so many miles, you are definitely making an excellent purchase. Prices start at Euro 599 VAT included.

For the test we used: Motorcycle harley davidson fat bob Jacket B-52 by Jolli Sport