MIVV exhausts for KTM 790 Adventure

Here are MIVV's performing and lightweight exhausts for the 790 KTM 2019 Adventure in two aggressive versions: Oval and Speed ​​Edge.

MIVV Speed ​​Edge for KTM 790 Adventure
MIVV Speed ​​Edge for KTM 790 Adventure

OVAL and SPEED EDGE are tested here on the two versions (base and R) of the 790 KTM 2019 Adventure.

A further confirmation of the versatility of the MIVV muffler range, capable of being convincing from the point of view of aesthetic combination and performance.

On the market since last November, MIVV kits comply with the Euro4 homologation.

Convincing both as a crossover and in the more specialized off-road version, this “traveler” has been chosen by many explorers all over the world. Pushing it is a parallel cylindrical LC8c of 799 cc: the same as the Duke but optimized ad hoc for the work required of an Adventure.

For owners of one of the two versions of this KTM, MIVV offers two well-known and tested tailpipes: OVAL e SPEED EDGE.

Proposed in the Slip On version, therefore easily replaceable to the original muffler, the "two" can be chosen in different materials and finishes. As mentioned, the proposed fittings follow the technical dictates indicated by the Euro4 homologation. Let's go into the details.

Creating an aftermarket exhaust system, at least for MIVV, means testing several tailpipes in order to identify the models that are most compatible with the aesthetic line of the vehicle and capable, with the necessary adjustments, of exceeding the power and torque performance of the system. standard, perhaps modifying the volumes, always in compliance with the regulations. And again MIVV must guarantee the best fastening system to the frame and develop any accessories which in the case of this KTM translates into a heat shield, fixed on the duct near the leg, supplied with the terminal.


MIVV Oval for KTM 790 Adventure
MIVV Oval for KTM 790 Adventure

The MIVV exhaust that perhaps best suits every type of motorcycle thanks to an oval shape capable of integrating into the available space. For this KTM is available with a titanium or carbon body. Both versions feature a carbon outlet cup and removable dB Killer.  Bench data (measured at the wheel) - The increase in performance is present throughout the delivery range, with maximum peaks of + 2,50 HP at 6.700 rpm and a good 5,7 Nm at 2.900 rpm, without losing the smoothness of operation offered by the twin-cylinder. The weight saving is 1 kg.


Recognizable by the hexagonal design, it fits perfectly to the bike frame. Its end cap and anchor bracket are proposed in carbon. Two versions for this KTM: INOX, with brushed steel body and STEEL BLACK, with central body in steel with “Black Satin effect, obtained with a special coloring process. The exhaust is equipped with a removable dB-killer. Bench data (measured at the wheel) - Here, too, the increase is present over the entire range of delivery, with an almost alignment with the values ​​of the production bike between 5.000 and 6.000 rpm. The maximum values ​​of torque and power found further raise the bar: + 3,3 HP at 6.800 rpm and 6,1 Nm at 2.800 rpm, enhancing an already gratifying low shot. Under the kg the weight saving.

Anyone interested in further technical analysis will find on the MIVV website the complete charts of the dyno and the possibility of hearing the “stamp” of the MIVV - KTM 790 combination through dedicated mini-videos.

The retail prices are equal to Euro 508 for the Oval model and Euro 597 for the Speed ​​Edge inox (658 Euro for the black inox version).


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