Itinerary between the Gorges of Sagittario and Lake Scanno

Abruzzo by motorbike between the Gorges of Sagittario and Lake Scanno - short tour in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy.

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Gorges of Sagittario - Lake San Domenico - Ph. D'Amico

Abruzzo by motorbike between the Gorges of Sagittario and Lake Scanno - short tour in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Italy.

Itinerary from Sulmona to Sora through the Abruzzo National Park and the lakes. The natural area in which we find this splendid canyon and the road that crosses it is the Gole del Sagittario Regional Reserve, which takes its name from the river of the same name.

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  1. Sulmona
  2. Gorges of Sagittarius
  3. Lake of Scanno
  4. Villetta Barrea
  5. National Park of Abruzzo
  6. Sora
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The ancient city is rich in history and traditions. Homeland of the poet Ovid, it preserves precious artistic testimonies and also the famous hermitage of Celestino V. In Sulmona you will find monuments and works of art from every age and architectural style, as well as being a thriving center of craft activities and the home of sugared almonds. The city is particularly known for the Cathedral of San Panfilo, the Santissima Annunziata founded in 1320, the medieval aqueduct and the "Trans-Siberian of Italy". The ancient railway, which united the regions of Abruzzo e Molise, crosses a picturesque winding path among the peaks of the Maiella Park.

gorges sagittario abruzzo motion scanno sangro sulmona itinerary
Sulmona - Ph. Canva

From Sulmona we head towards Anversa degli Abruzzi, medieval village and starting point for a visit to the WWF Natural Reserve of the Sagittario Gorges. While, going north, you can discover the wonderful Plateau of Campo Imperatore.

Gorges of Sagittarius

La strada SR479, defined as "scary and beautiful" by English travelers Richard Craven and Edward Lear, is a show of curves between the rocks and comes out at the Regional Natural Reserve of Lake San Domenico and Lake Pio, where you will also find theHermitage of San Domenico, within the Municipality of Villalago, today part of the Villages most beautiful in Italy.

The curves follow each other smoothly for a splendid stroll in motorcycle at a slow pace, like life in the surroundings. In the gorges many wild animals find refuge from wolves to hawks, from octopus (small hazel dormice) to owls. Inside the reserve there is an important botanical garden, a museum, a picnic area and paths.

Lake of Scanno

Continuing towards the south you then come across the Lake of Scanno, the suggestive stretch of water heart-shaped, located at an average altitude of 922 meters above sea level and surrounded by some peaks of the Marsicani Mountains such as the Montagna Grande and Monte Genzana, has very reduced coasts and for some very short stretches they have been adapted for the reception of bathers by forming artificial beaches of stones .

gorges sagittario abruzzo motorbike scanno sangro lake itinerary
Lake of Scanno - Ph. Canva

Shortly after the lake stands the village of Scanno, with its narrow streets, baroque portals and ancient buildings: a characteristic village of the Sangro Valley. To visit are the church of Santa Maria della Valle and church of Sant'Eustachio, named after the patron saint and the Madonna of Loreto.

Villetta Barrea

Rolling further south, perched on a spur at 1066 meters, and surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the Park, you will find Villetta Barrea, a lovely holiday resort behind the mountains of the Meta, a short distance from the artificial lake of Barrea: a real oasis where you can spot rare species of birds.

gorges sagittario abruzzo motorbike scanno sangro itinerary lake barrea
Barrea Lake - Ph. Canva

The Abruzzo National Park

We continue through the park towards Opi, along the SS83. The National Park of Abruzzo it was established in 1923 to safeguard the natural characteristics of the area and save some wild animals from extinction. The landscape is characterized by mountain ranges, streams and rivers, including the I bleed. Nature is truly in its wild state, and some species take refuge here, such as theMarsican brown bear,Golden EagleApennine wolfcervoOtter and chamois.


Sora is one of the major centers of the province of Frosinone. Crossed by the Liri river, stands at the meeting point of three o'clock valleys of the Liri, of bush and Cumin. For a long time it was the capital of the Longobard Gastaldato, then dominated by the Normans. Do not miss the numerous places of worship, such as the Cathedral, bishopric, theAbbey of S. Domenico, S. Restituta with the fourteenth-century portal, the Convent of the Passionist Fathers, and the remains of ancient civilizations such as the Rock Sanctuary of the Silvan God (XNUMXnd century AD), the polygonal walls and the remains of the Castle of S. Casto (XNUMXth century).

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