Passo San Marco and Val Taleggio

Passo San Marco and Val Taleggio by motorbike: a classic and spectacular itinerary a few kilometers from Milan and the main cities of Lombardy.

Passo San Marco - Lombardy motorbike itineraries
Passo San Marco - 1.992 altitude above sea level

The most beautiful passes to take by motorbike in Lombardy are truly numerous, but the charm of the San Marco Pass and Val Taleggio is undeniable.

About an hour from Milan, in the northernmost point of Lake Como, the Valtellina begins and the fun for many motorcyclists, starting from the Maloja, Spluga, Bernina, Stelvio, Topsail, Aprica.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.985
Length 29 Km
connection Albaredo for San Marco - Mezzoldo
Number of hairpin bends 29
Winter closure October> May
Road conditions and notes Fair - At times bumpy

In Morbegno, famous for the festival dedicated to wine "open cellars", at the beginning of the valley, the beautiful starts San Marco pass, which winds through the Orobie Alps towards Bergamo.

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Morbegno - San Marco Pass

Set off to try the BMW F 750 GS, we take the road that climbs along the steep wall towards the 1.985 meters above the sea level of the pass, there are many hairpin bends and there is no shortage of curves. The mantle is not always in the best conditions, so pay attention, but you will be rewarded by the panorama of the Valtellina that you can enjoy going up. We then enter the valley, very narrow, deep, with steep walls. At the beginning of the season, as soon as it opens it is always wonderful to cross the pass by touching the snow walls before they melt. But it is at the top that you can enjoy the real spectacle, when your eyes are filled with the vastness of the Orobic peaks and the Val Brembana that opens down on the other side.

Passo San Marco - Lombardy motorbike itineraries
Passo San Marco - The climb from Morbegno to the pass

At the pass it is possible to admire the insignia of the then Republic of Venice which built this road for an economic development of trade with the Swiss valleys (from 1512 to 1797 the Valtellina belonged to the Grisons).

On the Orobic side of the pass is the Cà San Marco refuge, for years the roadman's house of the pass and one of the oldest refuges in the Alps, built in 1593. On its facade a plaque recalls "For two centuries this cantoniera supervised the trade and safety of the Republic of San Marco on the Brembane Alps".

Passo San Marco - Lombardy motorbike itineraries
Passo San Marco - The descent towards Bergamo

The descent towards Bergamo is a little less satisfying but still beautiful and above all immersed in the cool woods, which do not hurt with the summer heat wave.

Taleggio valley

Past the various villages that separate the 2.000 meters of the pass from San Giovanni Bianco, turn right to take the SP25 of the Taleggio valley, also known as "small Switzerland Bergamo". The valley is crossed by the Enna stream which over the centuries, between Taleggio and San Giovanni Bianco, has formed a spectacular gorge about 3 kilometers long, called theRavine of Val Taleggio. Be careful when stopping to take pictures because the road is very narrow, but the charm of this “canyon” and the beauty of the stream that crosses it is undeniable.

Ravine of the Taleggio Valley - Motorcycle itineraries in Lombardy
Ravine of Val Taleggio - the Enna stream

The charm of this street is not only given by the flavor of the Taleggio stracchino, the most typical product of this valley, but you can also find lots of greenery, quiet, tranquility, fresh air, hospitable hotels, in short, all the necessary ingredients for a rewarding stop or weekend.


After a few kilometers heading west you have two alternatives: or continue on the SP25 towards Val Sassina (and Lecco) through the very suggestive Passo del Culmine di San Pietro, or go south in the Brembilla Valley, known for Monte Corno, mule tracks and small waterfalls hidden in the woods. Whatever your direction, you will not be disappointed and we are sure that you will soon return to enjoy these beautiful mountains, curves and landscapes that fill your heart.

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