Have you ever thought of riding a motorbike and then escaping by boat?

Leave the motorbike and rent a boat for an unprecedented travel experience in Italy and in the world.

SamBoat Boat rental in Italy
Yacht charter in Italy - Ph. Canva

With SamBoat you have the opportunity to discover the world not only by motorbike but also with many boats for hire for you whatever your skill level and budget.

In this way your travel experience will not stop only at the roads and the pleasure of riding a motorbike but you will be able to discover many enchanting places aboard any type of boat.

Why renting a boat in Italy is a great idea

Italy is a wonderful country entirely surrounded by the sea and full of lakes. in each region there are many wonderful roads and villages ancient to reach in motorcycle through itineraries breathtaking like the Cinque Terre, the coast of Salento, Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda without forgetting the islands like Sardegna e Corsica. And if you want to reach foreign beaches, you also have the whole Mediterranean basin at your disposal. From today, reaching one of these destinations, parking the bike and exploring these places by sea is no longer a dream but a reality accessible to everyone.

How does the SamBoat online boat rental platform work?

SamBoat is the portal to the yacht charter in Italy and in the rest of the world, dedicated to those who want to go beyond the motorbike and rent a boat to discover the wonders of Italy by sea or by lake. With over 40.000 boats in over 45 countries, on the portal you can choose the destination, enter the dates and rent what you want: from a small boat with 40 horsepower for the youngest (or for those without a license) to large motor or sailing boats, from catamarans to houseboat, with or without skipper and above all for all price ranges.

Numerous filters to select the best boat, from brand to model, give it to you accessories to the horsepower of the engine, from the length to the type of hull. Furthermore the system of feedback and the SamBoat staff guarantee quality e reliability for any type of rental, whether it's a simple day or a week of offshore adventure.

For almost 10 years, SamBoat's ambition has not only been to make you book a boat anywhere in the world with a few clicks, but to make you live a simple and unforgettable experience.