Riding on Spanish Route 66

The Silver Route, known as Spanish Route 66, is one of the most beautiful roads in Spain, a must-see itinerary of over 800 kilometres.

silver route ruta de la plata spain motorbike itinerary route information route 66 Suspension bridge in Leon
Suspension bridge in Leon

The silver route is one of the most scenic roads in Spain, loved by motorcyclists from all over the world: an unmissable itinerary of over 800 kilometers along the A-66 and N-630 roads.

Originally the route connected the Roman Hispania with the northern Spanish coast. Today it is an itinerary with many attractions and adapted to be covered by all types of motorcycles.

  1. The historical route
  2. Nature and landscapes
  3. What to visit
  4. Accomodation
  5. The biker's passport
  6. Map and information

Even if the itinerary can be done in three days, including the tourist stops, the tour can always be extended or completed with other stages and variants.

silver route ruta de la plata spain motorbike itinerary route information route 66 Mountains of Asturias
Mountains of Asturias in Spain

Historical route

La Silver Route (via dell'argento) u the main communication route during the Roman Empire in Spain and today the A-66 and N-630 roads allow you to travel it all in motorcyclecurve after curve. The itinerary goes from Seville (In Andalusia, southern Spain) a Gijón (Asturias, in the north). During the journey, if you travel on the most suitable motorcycle, such as a maxi enduro, you can also venture into the many dirt roads that enter the wild countryside of the Iberian Peninsula.

Contrast of landscapes

Nature is one of the main attractions of the itinerary. The southern landscape is characterized by fields of olive trees, in Extremadura pastures abound and in the central area of ​​Spain there is the meseta. Arriving in the north, the route crosses green valleys and climbs interesting lengths passivated Mountain.

La A-66 and N-630 they are the most modern and fastest roads, but the secondary roads go further into the territory and are recommended for admiring the enormous landscape variety of the itinerary.

silver route ruta de la plata spain motorcycle itinerary route information route 66 Caceres

Culture and heritage

Art and culture are constant elements of the Via dell'Argento. The Roman origin is combined with the traces left by the various civilizations that have inhabited the country in places such as Seville, Zafra, Plasencia, Hervas, Montemayor Baths, Béjar, Zamora, León e Gijón.

Furthermore, along the itinerary you can visit them two World Heritage cities: Mérida (which boasts one of the best preserved Roman monumental complexes in the world) e Caceres (where the Jewish quarter and Roman, Mudejar and Renaissance monuments coexist).

Biker passport

The itinerary is particularly interesting for those traveling on two wheels because it passes through landscapes that amplify the sensation of freedom and has all the necessary services, not only during the journey but also in the event of an emergency, such as workshops and dealerships.

Also, for motor enthusiasts, in Gijón, you can visit the Fernando Alonso Museum, and if you pass during the month of August, close to The Bañeza (in the province of León) you can attend a famous classic motorcycle race also known as GP of La Bañeza.

silver route ruta de la plata spain motorbike itinerary route information route 66 Extremadura - Medellin
Extremadura – Medellin

Special accommodations

Throughout Spain, there are tons of unique places to sleep, such as a XNUMXth-century Arab fortress (Carmona Parador), a XNUMXth-century castle (Zafra Parador), a XNUMXth-century monastery (Leon hostel), a XNUMXth-century convent (Plasencia Parador) or a Renaissance palace (Parador de Caceres).

Map and information

On the official link of The Ruta de la Plata find or download all the guides and information for an unforgettable trip to the heart of Spain. Also on the official website of Spanish tourism, you will find not only useful links and information on the route but on all the other destinations on the Iberian Peninsula.