Rizoma Stealth: from mirror to aerodynamic appendage

Rizoma presents Stealth, the patented mirror made specifically for supersport motorcycles.

Rizoma Stealth mirror - Ducati Panigale V4
Rizoma Stealth mirror - Ducati Panigale V4

Rizoma, the brand of innovative accessories and components, presents Stealth, the convertible rear-view mirror.

Rizoma, the brand specialized in the design and production of components and accessories Tailor-made for motorcycles, founded by Fabrizio Rigolio in 2001, presents Stealth, the patented mirror made specifically for motorcycles supersport.

The Italian company confirms its world leadership in the sector of high-end components for motorcycles and opens the way to new goals. In fact, the innovative mirror stands out for its silhouette clean and essential that helps to enhance the linear and elegant shape, to reduce the volume and to increase the technical performance.

Rizoma Stealth mirror on: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Rizoma Stealth mirror on: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Stealth it consists of two main elements: a fixed part, mounted directly on the hull and made and following the best practices for selected models of motorcycle sporty, and a movable part, which reveals one inside convex mirror for wider visibility. The same duality is also reflected in the functional aspect: in the open position is a rear-view mirror, while in place closed, through a simple rotation of the mobile part, becomes a 'aerodynamic appendix. Cleverly aligned with the eyes of the RIDER, in the sporty riding position Stealth ensures the highest ergonomic characteristics, while maintaining the protection of the windshield.

Twenty years of experience in the motorcycle world and an in-depth study of fluid dynamics, has allowed Rizoma to design a pioneering accessory that combines style, technique and performance. In dynamic appendage mode, with an inclination of 25 ° with respect to the ground, Stealth guarantees the down force necessary for greater grip and ride quality, corresponding to a value of about 40N at 300km / h for both accessories and a Lift / Drag ratio of 1.4.

Made of billet aluminum, the processing that gives it the unmistakable texture with contrasting laser plating, it is available starting from April in selected retailer in three colorwayBlackSilver e Thunder Gray.

Stealth has already achieved an important milestone by winning the coveted Red Dot Design Awards both in the reference category - accessories automotive - both as Best of the Best 2021, which rewards the best design between all categories in the race. The important recognition elects Rizoma as an Italian excellence in the world, thanks to its avant-garde approach, engineering mastery and multidimensional inspiration.

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