Inspection, insurance, road tax, driving license: deadlines 2021

Inspection, insurance and stamp duty. The obligations and deadlines of 2021.

motorcycle insurance stamp overhauling deadlines
Motorcycle police - Photo by goldfrapp - Pixabay

The overhaul of the bike and the other deadlines have always been a source of doubts or forgetfulness. Here are our tips for the upcoming season.

We would like to point out immediately that the revision obligation concerns both motorcycles and mopeds with the same costs and methods (for mopeds there is also a dynamic speed test to check that do not exceed the limit of 45 km / h sanctioned by the Highway Code).

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New: in addition to a lightweight rate adjustment stopped since 2007, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one has been ordered extension of the deadline for carrying out the review, and further extensions based on the progress of the pandemic are not excluded.


Based onarticle 80 paragraph 3 of Highway Code, the inspection of motor vehicles including motorcycles and mopeds must be carried out "downtown four years from the date of first registration and thereafter every two years". They have to take care of the review motorcycle in 2021:

  • vehicles registered in 2017 (for mopeds it means the year of issue of the circulation certificate);
  • vehicles that were last overhauled in 2019.

The motorcycle inspection after four years from the first registration must be done within the month in which the registration card or certificate was issued. That every two years within the month corresponding to the last revision. For example, if a motorcycle was registered in 2017 with the issue of the registration certificate on April 15th, the inspection must be carried out by April 31st 2021. And the next one by April 31st 2023.

Coronavirus extensions

The Covid-19 emergency has pushed institutions to expand the terms within which to comply. The extensions still in force for motor vehicles are as follows:
  • Original deadline: dall’1/10/2020 al 31/10/2020. Extension to 28/2/2021
  • Original deadline: dall’1/11/2020 al 30/11/2020. Extension to 28/2/2021
  • Original deadline: dall’1/12/2020 al 31/12/2020. Extension to 28/2/2021


The insurance of one's own has a maturity which is not linked to any directive. Therefore, you must always remember your deadlines, not only for renewals but also for suspensions. It often happens that in winter the insurance is suspended and then you remember at the last minute to reactivate the coverage. In this case it is appropriate do it a few days before of the date on which you want to use the bike because the companies issue a new document and it could take a few days.


Another expensive and tedious task is the road tax, which is paid once a year, even if you do not use the bike. Failure to renew does not imply liability in circulation (which is severely punished in the absence of insurance coverage) but provides interest and penalties in case of late payment. Here too it is advisable to fix the expiration date on the calendar of your smartphone, or to authorize thedirect debit on current account as in the case of the Region Lombardia which also offers one 15% Off to those who choose this mode.

  • Il first stamp of a new motorcycle must be paid withinlast day of the month of enrollment (if the vehicle was registered in the last ten days of the month, the deadline can be postponed to the end of the following month, but the first month must still be paid in full).
  • Il annual renewal of the stamp instead, it must be carried out withinlast day of the month following the expiration month. When the last day of the month falls on a Saturday or a public holiday, the deadline is extended to the first working day.


Last but not least, the driving license, an indispensable document which, having a ten-year duration, often happens that you forget about this deadline. Here, too, it is better to fix the exact date on the smartphone calendar and maybe proceed with the renewal even a month earlier, it doesn't hurt.