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Rent a Ride, by BMW Motorrad is the largest European motorcycle rental platform and also offers customized tours to the most beautiful destinations.

Rent a Ride by BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad Rent a Ride App

BMW Motorrad continues to expand Europe's largest motorcycle rental platform and numerous tour offers.

With Rent a Ride, BMW Motorrad offers driving pleasure in motorcycle without worries through the rental platform configurable to your specific needs, with practically new rental bikes and an exceptional range of fascinating tours, which can also be used directly with the app BMW Motorrad Connected

With 89 partner of participating rental companies in seven countries, is the largest motorcycle rental platform in Europe. By the end of the year, BMW Motorrad aims to expand the platform to include more than 100 rental partners in 12 countries. By constantly expanding rental partners and participating countries, the ambitious goal for 2021 is to become the world leader in this motorcycle rental segment.

On customers can book a practically new BMW motorcycle and, if necessary, technical clothing with just a few clicks, for example to go for a ride with friends or just take the bike to test it thoroughly. . The bikes are explained in detail by the experts on site at the partners BMW Motorrad and delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. So if a itinerario over a long distance would be too risky for you at the moment, it is possible to rent your dream motorcycle with Rent A Ride in a flexible and simple way, and even go for a ride of escape and discovery of the motorcycle.

The RENT A RIDE platform will be continuously expanding into existing markets of Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Austria and Thailand. Additional RENT A RIDE stations will be available this year in the United States and four other European markets (Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania).

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