Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - A nice maxi enduro?

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC tested far and wide and in all conditions, after almost 1000 km in our opinion it offers the best of both worlds: that of the classic bike and that of the travel all-rounder.

Not only beautiful like all Triumph Scramblers, the historic Hinckley house, now appreciated by nostalgics and more, but absolutely a valid way to explore the world.

The scrambler 1200 xc confirms itself to all intents and purposes as one motorcycle performing at 360 degrees, capable of tackling the roads of every day and those of a long journey wherever you want to go.

In almost 1000 km of testing we have faced city traffic, state and impervious roads, full of back turns, funds of all kinds and even dirt roads, not even the simplest ones. Here's how our test went.

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Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC

The classic scrambler, with the high exhaust, the bench seat, is even more captivating with the satin aluminum finishes, the tank in two tones of black, glossy and matte, the engine friezes and the style details adventure. Under the frame the protection plate shows itself overwhelmingly but without jarring. The handguards are sturdy and elegant, with an important plastic cup, perhaps a bit excessive as a grinding wheel compared to the whole handlebar / headlight assembly, but they serve much as protection from debris and in case of a fall. The air deflector is very small, in case of travel we recommend something more protective.

2Ergonomic spaces and furniture

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - Ready to travel

Upright position, adjustable handlebars, ground clearance not the lowest but manageable make you travel comfortable and with a lot of control in all situations, from the city to off-road, where we also drove standing in an optimal position. The saddle is certainly not that of a tourer, but even over long distances it didn't make us suffer, on the contrary. The elegant upholstery is very smooth and allows the less tall, to glide well to rest their feet firmly on the ground, especially in the city.


Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - The parallel twin

The engine is a real amusement park. Once on board, the two cylinders propel you like rockets, well tamed by the traction control, which can be adjusted to different settings. The couple is above average, da stuff biker and wheelies but well controllable and never out of control. The 1200 really does an excellent job from the lows to the mids, to be very progressive and linear at the highs, even if it is useless to get to the limiter. Always present and easily modulated even off-road. Consumption is excellent for a 1200, which, working all the way down, will show you the gas station attendant around 300km, as long as you don't unleash the beast at every corner exit as if you were on a rally special.


Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - Offroad action

Above average ground clearance, with Ohlins suspensions behind, fully adjustable together with the Showa fork, with an excursion for both almost enduro. The Brembo brakes are modular with an excellent abs system that is never invasive but always present, which can be deactivated when driving in off. Tires Metzeler Tourance, great for road use and occasionally for a slight off, are mounted on 21 front and 17 rear spoked wheels. If you want to go beyond the easy beaten path, you will have to opt for something much more tessellated.

5How are you

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - Great leaning feeling

Although it is not the classic scrambler for aperitifs and walks, in the city it behaves very well, being manageable and quite comfortable on uneven surfaces. On mountain roads and mixed in general it is a real gazelle. Hyper fun engine and perfectly calibrated chassis allow you to make the most of the bike in any condition, making it stable and at the same time very light and immediate when changing direction. A strong eclectic character that brings it very close to a maxi enduro, with the advantage of being much more beautiful and the defect of obviously having some less comfort. Overall, however, it has nothing to envy to many more plasticky and angular competitors. On the highway, with cruise control, you travel comfortably and steadily, perhaps you just need a slightly more protective windshield to get to your destination less fatigued.

6Load capacity

The double high exhaust on the right side limits the space available for luggage, but the bag on the left side, among the accessories Triumph, it is really roomy and practical. In addition, the metal tank allows you to put a small or large tank bag, while the rear rack allows you to tie a large bag, perhaps watertight ones or install an aluminum top case.

7The verdict

In these two weeks of testing, we first of all enjoyed ourselves like sixteen-year-olds who are given the first 125cc enduro as a gift. Triumph has really hit the mark with this scrambler, capable of being an everyday bike and at the same time a beautiful and classic travel motorcycle, which does not fear any type of terrain, back or weather conditions. Remember that you are still on a scrambler and not on the typical faired maxi-minibus. The electronics are at the top and the basic equipment, such as heated grips, the complete and customizable tft display, the high-end suspension and many other important features really make this scrambler a beautiful bike ready to go and discover the world, in company or alone, you will not go unnoticed at all ...

PRO Well finished and full optional, top engine, top of the range chassis.
AGAINST The muffler warms up a bit when stationary, small windshield for long journeys.


Helmet LS2 Extra Yard
Leatherwear Octane by Acerbis
Electronics Sena 10C EVO - TomTom Rider 550


Photo by Fabio Casuccio - Videos and texts by Fabio Capone - Location Caravanserraglio Milano

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