Benelli 752S - Test and review on the go

Benelli 752S a small naked for the price but a great bike for performance and chassis: our review after the test, strengths and weaknesses.

Benelli 752S a small bike but a big naked, economical, agile and able to satisfy even the most hardened geeks.

The market offer is wide, many models have appeared without going to replace others and among these many are being born, the so-called "best buy".

Well, in this category there are simple models, with low costs, which nevertheless have their own personality and philosophy. They can be chosen instead of a scooter to change categories or even more simply to get rid of the desire to go in motorcycle trying to save what you can, still buying a versatile and usable vehicle in all circumstances. Go directly to the gallery.

The House of Pesaro is not new in making us some nice surprises, as happened for the test of the Leoncino 500 Trail. The new Benelli 752S, the subject of this test, is perfectly in line with this philosophy.

1How much?

Benelli 752S test test and review

This 750 has everything it takes to entertain us at a low and appropriate cost. We generally indicate the price at the end of the article, but this time we prefer to anticipate it to better direct attention to this important detail, ie Euro 6.990 including VAT, ex-dealer.


Benelli 752S test test and review

Two cylinders in line for 754 cc offer 76,8 hp at 8500 rpm and a weight of 213 kg.
Anyone who believes that power is not very much is wrong. The greatest thrust reaches 6500 rpm and the engine is always ready, progressive, sincere. Those who use this bike must not turn between the curbs on the track and also want to use the vehicle for tourism while having fun in safety. However, if you want to push, the engine revs very gradually to even surprise you when you insist on throttle. The weight does not put in difficulty indeed, driving you have the feeling of great lightness and agility, both in the city and on mixed routes.

Waiting for the forthcoming 800s in the Leoncino and TRK versions, the 752S is also acting as a tester for the engine, which will be the same as the big sister that will arrive, while the difference with the 500cc little sister can be felt in all areas of use.

3How are you?

Benelli 752S test test and review

While the Little lion 500 it is actually quiet, albeit a lot of fun, the 750 offers the possibility to drive sportily. We have personally verified that in the tight mix, it manages to have its say even compared to much more expensive models than the competition. The main advantage is driveability in all circumstances. The engine is liquid-cooled with a radiator left completely exposed, but the curvature with which it is equipped softens it and harmonizes it with the black-gray engine block which on our model gives a certain sportiness combined with the black bodywork, as well as the visible frame that in some way recalls another Italian model, a point of reference in this segment.

In acceleration it goes away well and the need for TCT has never been felt, which is absent here. In short, as always, you just need to understand who you are dealing with and adjust accordingly, even in the wet.

4I dettagli

Benelli 752S test test and review

There is also a version in bright green, but black is more aggressive. Some finishing could be improved, but in tune with the containment of the price and therefore it is also good as it is. In practice, this motorcycle costs like a medium-displacement scooter and, even if the comparison between the two vehicles is risky, having to decide, we believe that many users will evaluate the available budget and decide in favor of the motorcycle, especially if interested in short and medium tourism. radius.

The sound of the exhaust and especially the chassis are very convincing. The Marzocchi fork does its duty well, guaranteeing great control in all circumstances. Also good is the rear mono above the fork with tubular steel truss where we find the license plate holder disconnected from the cord, in perfect harmony with modern trends. The look is also balanced and satisfying. The electronics are essential, limited only to the mandatory ABS which for the style of the bike is a little too invasive, but forgives itself when you become familiar with the vehicle. The standard Pirelli tires are excellent, guaranteeing a great feeling with the asphalt and allowing respectable folds where possible. Braking is also very effective, entrusted to Brembo calipers with double semi-floating 320 mm front discs and 260 mm rear discs.

5The motorcycle on the road

Benelli 752S test test and review

Returning to the tourist spirit, we embarked on a journey that took us from Milan to the Argentario, covering almost the entire route without the aid of the motorway, but we also tried that so as not to miss anything ...

At 140 of odometer, the engine runs at 6000 rpm. The heat of the thermal unit never seemed to warm up much even in the city, while greater autonomy would be preferable to reduce stops on long journeys. The TFT instrumentation has two settings, day and night, which alternate automatically via the sensor according to the external light. It reports almost everything you need, including the fuel level highlighted by several notches, even if it is easy to see them disappear to enter the reserve area, also signaled with a dedicated warning light, as reported above.

6To improve

The gearbox is excellent, while the clutch did not convince us, very little modular which does not help in starting from a standstill as it detaches in very little space and in important braking, it tends to block the rear wheel passing in the lower ratios, causing some tailing at corner entry. , especially if you have already started the style. Once you have learned how to manage this situation, it can also be fun, otherwise you just need to take off in a bit earlier with fewer laps, to remain neutral and therefore without problems.

7We draw conclusions

In conclusion, we had a lot of fun in the mixed and on all occasions the bike was sincere and easy to manage. Perhaps last but not least, the saddle a little too stiff, could tire on longer journeys. Traveling alone it was not difficult to place a bag on the passenger saddle which, in a sporty style, is not very hospitable and perhaps in the future Benelli itself or specialized houses will offer panniers to travel as a couple. If anything, a tank bag could already solve the problems in shorter journeys.

No other defects have been found and we guarantee great fun on all occasions. Essential and contained in costs, very balanced and beautiful to look at, it is certainly an excellent reference in this fierce segment. Well done Benelli!

PRO It's cheap, it's very good, it's beautiful, it's fun at every corner.
AGAINST The friction needs to be improved, the saddle is a bit stiff.


Helmet Arai
Leatherwear Spidi
Boots TCX St-Fighter Gore Tex


Photo by Fabio Casuccio - Video by Fabio Capone - Location Caravanserraglio Milano

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