RC Moto: what trend for the current prices?

Leading the ranking of increases for motorcycle insurance is the Valle d'Aosta, where premiums rose by 96,21% in August.

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More expensive insurance for Italian motorcyclists, who have seen the prices of policies rise in the second half of the year.

According to the last one Insurance Observatory Motorcycle elaborated by CercAssicurazioni.itgross liability premium of August 2022 was of 242,31 €an increase of over 16% compared to what was recorded in the same month last year. At the base of the increases there is above all the increase in inflation (now at + 9,1%) which increases the average cost of claims and consequently the compensation.

However, the current RC Moto amount is still affordable and a far cry from the over 300 euros recorded in the years preceding the pandemic.

In which regions have the price increases been greater?

The data processed by the Observatory say that leading the ranking of price increases formotorcycle insurance is the Aosta Valley, where premiums rose 96,21% in August compared to twelve months earlier. They are followed in the ranking by the Puglia, which marked an increase in the average tariff equal to 31,35%, theAbruzzo, + 29,67%, and the Calabria, + 28,41%.

Looking at the absolute values, it is the Campania to confirm itself as the territory with the highest RC Moto prices in Italy, given that an average of € 499,91 is required to ensure a two-wheeler - more than double the national value. To go to savings, however, are Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Veneto, where an average of € 156,64 and € 162,52 were needed to take out a motorcycle policy.

Motorcycle policies: one in four motorcyclists chooses roadside assistance

In August, the roadside assistance option was present in 26,55% of contracts thanks to the low price proposed by the companies and an average amount paid of only 18,41 euros. With this ancillary guarantee you can avoid the high costs of the tow truck in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The policy is also particularly requested driver injuries, chosen by 20,11% of users; only 8,64% decided to include the fire and theft guarantee, which covers the motorcycle in the event of fire or total theft and every single part.

Motorcycle policies: how many contracts include the black box?

The spread of black box (or black box) has increased in recent years thanks to the launch of increasingly compact devices: the small size (like a pack of cigarettes) is better suited to the spaces present on the motorcycles.

As regards policies with black boxes, a penetration was recorded in August in Italy 7,59%, with peaks of 24,16% in Campania and 19,84% in Calabria. We remind you that the black box allows the company to apply a cheaper premium thanks to the greater protection against fraud in the event of a claim: the device is in fact capable of recording a series of information regarding movements of the vehicle, thus allowing the reconstruction of the dynamics of a possible accident.

A tip to save on RC Moto

Considering the current trend of RC Moto awards, it is good to search for the most convenient offers on the market by taking advantage of the online comparison sites.

According to data from the CercAssicurazioni.it Observatory, users can save money by comparing their motorbike liability policy:

  • up to 25% in 1,71% of cases;
  • between 25% and 50% in 24,41% of cases;
  • over 50% in 73,88% of cases.

Thanks to the comparison of the quotes, it is possible to get an idea of ​​all the motorcycle insurance on the market in a fast and free way. From here the user can evaluate the real convenience of changing insurance company.