Rally dell'Umbria 2019 what a show!

Rally dell'Umbria 2019, the success of one of the most important Adventure Touring events, among the most beautiful landscapes in the region, with almost 200 participants.

rally umbria 2019 adventure touring motorcycle club

The Rally dell'Umbria 2019 gave us an eighth edition in the name of wonderful landscapes, adventure and a perfect organizational machine.

We arrived in Perugia on Thursday 25 April, in the beautiful Carducci Gardens, which hosted the motorcycle of the participants under the curious eyes of citizens and tourists, while the organizing secretariat proceeded like a locomotive in the "Galeazzo Alessi" Chamber Center, the splendid ex-Renaissance church. We retrieve our number 76, technical information, gps routes and register with Whip, the application that will be used for live tracking of competitors. Among other things, it is nice to note that there are people who have never set foot off-road but are happy to get dirty together with their maxi-enduro.

rally umbria 2019 adventure touring motorcycle clubThe team of the Motorcycle Club Umbria, which boasts over 300 members, including UISP and FIM members, has really thought of everything. Over 25 have rolled up their sleeves to make us travel about 800km of tracks, with a great deal of reconnaissance and exploration between Common 35 and at least others 50 sites of historical, artistic, naturalistic, landscape or archaeological interest.

Friday 26th, let's go! After the institutional welcome, brought by Maria Teresa Severini (Councilor for Culture and Tourism) in the splendid Hall of the Notaries (today the municipal hall-magna, formerly the Parliament of the Free Municipality of Perugia in the XNUMXth century) the first stage has therefore begun from the heart of Perugia: Piazza IV novembre, between Palazzo dei Priori and Fontana maggiore.

rally umbria 2019 adventure touring motorcycle clubWe are full: 175 participants (including several foreigners) as well as the staff who will accompany us along the stage. There are all kinds of motorcycles over 150kg (more or less) from old ladies from the 70s/80s/90s to the latest BMWs, african twin. The almost ring 270km was geared to South East, touching the Lazio. We obviously started climbing early, come on Strade Bianche and dusty. As you climbed the terrain began to be slightly more hostile, but nothing that the Bisons (twin cylinders) could not overcome. Going south, towards Montecchio we skirted the Corbara Lake and then head to Fratta Todina, unfortunately in the rain, where the pro-loco of the place has refreshed us well. The mud was not mild, but the first day was still beautiful and intense and luckily the sun also returned to take us back to Perugia.

Saturday 27, day two. The second leg from 310km she headed to the South-West, towards Assisi, passing through the beautiful Hermitage of the Prisons and the Apennine ridge with a breathtaking view, finally under a beautiful sun. Descending along the Apennines, between meadows and dirt roads, we followed the ridge of the Sibillini Mountains up to the border with Marche, continuously exceeding 1000 meters above sea level. We skimmed Colfiorito and his famous "swamp”, Not muddy as the word suggests, but in reality a wonderful unnatural oasis, for flora and fauna. Exceeded the splendid Cerreto of Spoleto e Borgo Cerreto, the refreshment awaited us a scheggino (in the heart of the Valnerina), was curated by Urbani Tartufi, who offered the participants the company's exquisite products and a visit to the Truffle Museum. Back on Perugia, the Moto Club has "exaggerated", organizing refreshments open to all (including citizenship) at the Frontone Gardens and accompanied by the notes of "La banda degli onesti". Good guys!

rally umbria 2019 adventure touring motorcycle club

Sunday 28th of, final stage it started from Piazza Matteotti in Perugia to follow a direct ring North per 185 km that after touching the Lake Trasimeno, with a splendid view from the top, and the Toscana, brought us to mutton, along beautiful ups and downs between earth, stones and equally fascinating landscapes: in Fortress of Braccio we enjoyed the last refreshment and we all greeted enthusiastically with the promise to meet again the following year for another three days that surely will not fail to entertain us all: amateurs, journalists, "handles", bisons, single cylinders, old ladies and new ones off-road bullets. We'll be there!

For the rally we used: Alpinestars (stivali Corozal Adventure Oiled Leather Boots), Enduristan (Blizzard S bags), SW-Motech (Drybag-80), Kite-Parts (handlebar), O'Neal (clothing), Zandonà (protections), M3V(prints), Event (tires).

Il Moto Club Umbria, founded in 1999, with its twenty years of activity and experience, in addition to the Rally dell'Umbria also deals withAnabasis, another event not to be missed, and is a partner of the events of a project born from a partnership of Moto Club, on the routes of Lupi and Bisonti, in collaboration with the National Motorism Activity Structure of UISP.

Supporters: Region of Umbria, Province of Perugia, Province of Terni, Municipality of Perugia, Municipality of Fratta Todina (PG), Municipality of Montone (PG), Municipality of Scheggino (PG), Perugia Chamber of Commerce

Collaborations e Partner: WHIP Live, Sibilla.Race, Pro-Loco of Fratta Todina, Amphibious Dry Equipment, BC Battery Controller, Chin8 Neri, Nexx Helmets, Urbani Tartufi.

Ph. Credits (Fabio Capone - Alvise Raimondi - Denis Propenso)