Racered: beautiful and protective motorcycle jeans

The premium motorcycle apparel company presents the jeans collection to protect riders looking for maximum safety and style.

racered motorcycle jeans
Racered - motorcycle jeans

The Italian company Racered invests in safety and style by presenting a 100% Made in Italy collection that clearly stands out from the “usual motorcycle denim”.

A collection of jeans to wear in everyday use and on travel, made with the best yarns, fibers and materials to achieve the highest level in terms of aesthetics, comfort and safety.

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  1. History of Recered
  2. Research and development
  3. Materials and Safety
  4. Models and Protections

A bit of history

Tired of finding clothing motorcycle made of heavy and old fabrics that did not provide maximum comfort or safety, Fabrizio Talini set to work to realize the dream of designing his own patented fibers and fabrics. Thus, the founder of Racered, who is also a great expert of the Italian textile industry, worked tirelessly with the aim of creating the motorcycle clothing with the perfect mix of safety, comfort and style that the market needed.

Research and development

Racered goes far beyond the usual standards for motorcycle garments and behind each pair of jeans there is a long process of development, design, research of materials, testing and perfecting of every single production process. According to Fabrizio: “every seam and every assembled piece must express the best of the product and safety, that's why we offer Made in Italy items”.

The Italian company stands out for offering products of a higher level than what can be found on the market today. Quite simply, Racered has managed to passionately respond to the highest demands of all who drive one motorcycle offering everything a motorcyclist could want. Jeans that respond with the greatest safety guarantees to any unforeseen events in our motorcycle tours but also so comfortable and elegant that they can be worn on any occasion.

Materials and Safety

The application of careful processing techniques and the research and use of the most advanced materials by Racered guarantee the maximum safety in motion, because they offer invisible armor made for every pilot. Its pattern, attention to detail and style, with the availability of intermediate sizes, allow your pants a perfect fit.

The current collection features jeans only CE approved, which were approved after exhaustive laboratory resistance tests against abrasions, bumps and tears. Tests performed in accordance with the technical requirements FprEN 17092: 2019. Passing these tests results in a range of products it has the highest certifications A, AA and AAA.

Models and Protections

The trousers of the Italian company adopt in their male versions comfortable removable protections on the knees and hips, SAS-TEC level 2 (maximum safety) of German technology, with CE certification. In the case of women's trousers, the hip protectors are level 1 to favor the fit of the female profile, obtaining maximum protection without neglecting comfort and a fit that takes aesthetic standards into account. The unique technology used for the protectors allows constant flexibility that stiffens only in the event of an impact, quickly returning to its original flexibility to offer maximum protection but also maximum comfort of use.

And for the moments when you enjoy your favorite pants when not riding, pockets have been incorporated to facilitate the positioning or removal of these protectors, with access from the outside for the knee protectors and inside pockets for the knee protectors. hip.

Those who do not need the highest level of safety for short trips have a large variety of Racered multi-layer jeans, with A and AA certifications with the classic multi-layer system: trousers with a reinforced interior with DuPont Kevlar, a strong and light material with resistance to top abrasion.

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