Queen Trophy 2021 - Emotions and offroad between Umbria and Lazio

One of the most anticipated events every year is the Queen Trophy, which includes 3 days of healthy off-road fun, accessible to all, on the most beautiful routes in Italy.

Queen Trophy 2021 adventure off-road enduro motorcycle
Queen Trophy 2021 - Ph. Dario Lupini

The Queen Trophy is confirmed as one of the most popular adventure events with 3 exciting days of unique landscapes, routes and typical flavors.

On 10-11-12 September, over 150 participants arrived in Bevagna, in the province of Perugia to cover the more than 600km planned between villages and dirt roads in the most beautiful areas of Umbria and Lazio.

Content index

  1. Bevagna - Norcia
  2. Norcia - Cittaducale
  3. Cittaducale - Terminillo - Narni -Bevagna
  4. Queens of the queens

There are three routes, as always, well-kept in landscapes and fun:: for the modest who want to enjoy three days without too many thoughts; hard for those who want to enjoy all the most beautiful views; expert for those allergic to asphalt who really want to test themselves on a technical and challenging track.

Queen Trophy 2021 adventure off-road enduro motorcycle
Queen Trophy 2021 - Ph. Dario Lupini

Day 1 - Bevagna Norcia

Departure at 12:30. The first km were a taste of what will be the event in the following stages, also due to a strong afternoon rain. The passage from Monte Maggio was challenging, but the fastest riders were able to enjoy it “without clouds”.

The authorities then waited for the motorcyclists to Norcia, and the many riders have "recharged" at the Casale degli Amici: a concentrate of Umbrian cuisine based on truffles and game.

Day 2 - Norcia - Cittaducale

The Fonte Cerasa aroused different emotions in all the participants. Someone called it Mongolia, others Montenegro, but it was nothing more than the “simple” Queen Trophy.

The route then continues towards the Cascina and Mozza plains, and then ends on the Rascina plain, above all to feed the avid motorcyclists of the hard and expert categories.

Queen Trophy 2021 adventure off-road enduro motorcycle
Queen Trophy 2021 - Ph. Dario Lupini

Day 3 - Cittaducale - Terminillo - Narni -Bevagna

After the classic gathering at dawn, the engines are turned on to immediately arrive at Terminillo, breakfast illuminated by the lights of dawn. The participants then set off for the Cottanello floors, for an excellent refreshment at the fortress of Albornoz in Narni.

The return, always based on off-road routes, crossed the Martani Mountains: a simple and smooth stretch, precisely so as not to exhaust the adventurers before the lunch that awaited them in Bevagna.

The Queens of the Queen

One of the most anticipated activities of the event was the Stylmartin sponsored competition, in which the motorcycle most beautiful of the event, or theafrican twin by Edward Battye, and Paolo Sala's vintage Honda CL.

Another note worthy of mention was the prize for the painting by the artist Donatella Marraoni, an Italian painter of Perugian origins, awarded by the Director of the Selenograd Gallery in Russia.

See you again in Bevagna at the next appointment organized by the Moto Club Pepe Bevagna.