Quartararo wins over Bagnaia at the MotoGp of Portugal

Fantastic podium for Pecco Bagnaia in Portimão behind Quartararo and in front of Mir.

Bagnaia in front of Mir ducati suzuki motogp
Bagnaia ahead of Mir - Ph. MotoGp Dorna Sports

The Portuguese MotoGp stage was full of surprises with Quartararo in first place, Bagnaia second and Mir third.

A day to remember both for the return of Marc Marquez and for what happened behind Fabio Quartararo, who turned his Pole Position into victory. It is in fact also thanks to several crashes that Bagnaia and Mir managed to get on the podium.

Marquez, who was eagerly awaited by this world championship, immediately started strong as if to remind everyone who and what he is capable of doing, but the rust he has on him has not yet been completely removed. The start in Portimão was dominated by zarco e Kidneys that they have passed Quarterly. Behind him they started lining up too Mir, Asparagus, Miller which gradually overtook Marquez.

Quartararo, however, does not fit, and goes into "now it's war" mode. So while the Frenchman begins to get under, the disasters begin behind him: Miller falls on lap 6. Rins overtakes Zarco, taking Quartararo with him, who then takes advantage of his superiority to take the lead again and lengthen the pace on everyone. On lap 19 Rins also falls, leading the group of pursuers to 2nd place.

MotoGp Portugal - Quartararo Bagnaia Mir
MotoGp Portugal - Quartararo Bagnaia Mir - Ph. MotoGp Dorna Sports

Then it's up to Zarco, who for a trivial mistake slips and gives his place to bagnaia, who in the meantime had recovered from eleventh position. Meanwhile, Mir was "fracobollato" in Pecco, but our compatriot held out until the end, confirming his second position behind Quartararo who in the meantime had secured another victory in this world championship.

Mir is finally back on the podium, also keeping Yamaha's at bay Morbidely which meanwhile had always been present as a predatory hawk. Marquez wins the first points of the season, closing in eighth place while Valentino Rossi falls on lap 11.

A championship that still has a lot to tell and will surely ensure a lot of surprises and emotions. See you on May 2nd at the Jerez de la Frontera Circuit.