BMW R 1250 R "the naked traveler"

BMW R 1250 R is not only perfect for having fun and bending over the passes and roads of Italy, but also for taking you around like a real tourer.

BMW R 1250 R
BMW R 1250 R

BMW R 1250 R, the naked German makes us dizzy: a concentrate of technology, comfort and charm to sell, the roadster Bavarian, it is not only perfect for having fun and tucking into the passes and streets of Italy, but also for taking you around like a real tourer.

As always, we do not go into the technical merits of the individual details, leaving the task to our much more specialized colleagues. Our test tells you about the travel experience, on short and long distances and why in our opinion, even a “naked” one like the BMW R 1250 R can be the perfect companion for many kilometers and discoveries.

Premise for the fussy eaters

Let's talk about one naked (o roadster as they define it beyond the Alps) therefore without aerodynamic protection, but at the same time we are talking about a chassis and an engine that has been designed to entertain the rider in all conditions and grind tens of thousands of kilometers.

So if your concern is air, you can put the windscreen original BMW (a bit of the health shirt on the first date), but we tried it without it, because it is naked which expresses all its charm. We added the original quick release bags and have been around trying it out for several days.

Contact, connect, go!

We set the way on our smartphone, connected to the TFT color display via the system BMW Motorrad Wellness Easy (the dedicated app) and in a moment we are already on our way to Switzerland. the HP coloring plus it really makes everyone's head spin.

It is useless to go around it, on the motorway the wind can be heard, but it begins to annoy only above the speed limits: where protection is lacking, the driving position intervenes well "embedded" in the frame, which gives that immediate sensation that everyone is looking for "It seems to have been driving it for years". For this reason we had no problems traveling the kilometers that separated us from passivated mountains and from the hills of Monferrato, the two regions where we showed off our "naked" (it is no more sexy than naked or roadster?).

The suitcases are very roomy: we can arrange all our luggage, rain suit, cameras and videos, and detach them in a few seconds once we arrive at our destination. The controls are all clearly visible and intuitive, you just have to get carried away with the many display settings, including the sport mode which focuses on the tachometer, the intervention of the traction control, the ABS and theinclinometer which makes everyone feel even more pilots (or retirees than the degrees they reach in MotoGp!).

The wind in your face does not disturb, on the contrary, it gives us that feeling of freedom and speed that only them motorcycle without hull they know how to give. Even the helmet used for the test, under motorway speeds, offers perfect protection without being claustrophobic like the full-face racing derivatives.

The bike goes down the curve without hesitation and progressively, always keeping that feeling of safety, with wheels on the tracks, with a boxer engine that never gets distracted and is always ready to push from the lowest revs. You slide relentlessly from the Chiavenna curves to the hairpin bends of the Maloja pass, accompanied by the rhombus of Akrapovic exhaust (optional) and at every corner exit it is useless to hide how much we made the boxer 1250 roar.

Consumption is slightly distorted both by the aerodynamic load of the bags, slightly protruding, and by our wrist which wanted to test all types of driving, so we cannot give you exact data. The suspension and ABS are adjustable thanks to the presence of the Dynamic ESA package, so we adapt the chassis and the bike to all the conditions we encounter: to the fast downhill curves of the Julier Pass, at the tight uphill and downhill curves of the Spluga Pass, sometimes even wet, to the less traveled provincial ones Monferrato.

Where we trust the bike or our ride, BMW electronics intervene, and every mistake and hesitation turn into imperceptible corrections and the driving pleasure remains intact all the time. Furthermore Ride mode Pro now also includes Hill Start Control Pro with automatic brake activation on hillsides and Dynamic Brake Assistant DBC.

With a maximum torque of 143 Nm the power unit from X updated offers a power never seen before. The BMW ShiftCam variable camshaft timing is the technology that ensures one optimal performance whatever the engine speed. On relaxed journeys (in compliance with Swiss limits) as well as during sporty driving, the driving pleasure that the boxer engine transmits never plays bad tricks, has no gaps and is always well modulated. Another exceptional driving tool, especially when driving becomes very sporty is the electro-assisted gearbox pro (optional). Once you let go of the clutch and get carried away with the number of revolutions at which to change gear, driving reaches unprecedented levels of pleasure.

Among the options that make this beautiful roadster a mileage tourer are the packages: Comfort, with heated grips and tire pressure control; Touring, with Dynamic ESA, central stand, Keyless system, cruise control and preparation for suitcases; Dynamic which includes pro electro-assisted gearbox, led lights and engine mapping pro. What we most recommend in the case of touring use are the original suitcases, very comfortable and capacious, the windscreen Tinted or clear sport or the taller Touring screen.

In all this juncture we have covered over 900 km in two days between Lombardia and Switzerland at the first exit and about 400km the same day at the second. In a mixed use between highway and state, we have never regretted the absence of the hull. The patience that you have to put into estimate on long motorways and the wind that starts to press on 130 km / h, are well rewarded by the driving experience, whether sporting or touristic, on any surface, with or without luggage.

The R 1250 R thus confirms itself as one of the best high-powered “naked” models, not only extremely fascinating, but with all the credentials to make you travel the world without having to mount hideous aftermarket windshields, flashy frames or other baggage hooks. I give you the most original BMW windshield for the winter, but only so as not to give up your favorite leather jacket. The cost to the public starts from 15.100 Euros.

For the test we used: jacket, pants and suit gloves SPIDI, XPD X-Nashville boots, ARAI Tour X4 "naked" version helmet, Midland BTX Pro S intercom, bag Hero.

Good road to all and remember that "Roads are made for travel, not for destinations" (Confucius).

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