Polignano a Mare: the most beautiful villages in Puglia

Between art, poetry and good food: Polignano a Mare is an obligatory stop on any motorcycle itinerary on the Apulian coast.

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In the province of Bari, between Alberobello and Conversano, we discover Polignano a Mare, the homeland of Domenico Modugno.

Discover Polignano a Mare: the natural caves, its fascinating position overlooking the sea, the historic center with its poems. A small medieval village lying along the edge of a rock that overhangs the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

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What see:

Polignano a Mare is famous for being the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, one of the fathers of Italian pop music and the artist who dedicated the three-meter bronze statue with open arms on the seafront. It is not uncommon to find in the historic center verses of poems and songs on the walls of the houses written by the poet from Bari "I drive the Flaneur”Polignano a Mare was also a film set for the filming of the Checco Zalone "I fall from the clouds".

The history of Polignano develops between the foundations of a first Greek city, before passing under the rule of the Normans first and then the Venetians. This has brought to the present day monuments of historical interest such as theMarchesale Arch, the ancient entrance to the city, the countless squares, among which we mention Victor Emmanuel Square which houses the Clock Palace o clock tower, former seat of the university and the Mother Church.

But it's not just poetry, cinema and history, Polignano a Mare also offers natural sea caves that can be visited with boat tours and the famous beach of Monachile blade, also known as Cala Porto. To be able to admire it and take beautiful photos, we recommend stopping on the Bourbon bridge built in the 800th century, about 15 meters high along the Via Traiana.

What to eat:

In Palazzese cave, one of the most famous caves of Polignano, a suggestive restaurant has been created. Locals made us try the famous Caffè Speciale: with an unmistakable flavor due to the addition of cream, lemon zest and amaretto. They deserve a taste carrots from Polignano, example of ecotype of the classic carrot with the particularity of having shades of color ranging from dark plum to canary yellow.

Obviously we mention the classics of Apulian cuisine: Rice, potatoes and mussels, eggplant parmigiana and all dishes based on the freshest local fish.

Useful information:

Polignano a Mare has both free and paid parking spaces, open 24/24 h. It is not recommended to park on the street. Parking spaces for the disabled are indicated. In high season we recommend the beaches of the hamlet of San Vito.

But look around you what gifts they have given you: they invented the sea eh! You say I have nothing The sun seems nothing to you! Life Love "(Wonderful - Domenico Modugno)