Pocketalk S - the travel translator

Pocketalk S is the new compact travel translator with camera that allows you to translate even written texts with a simple click.

Pocketalk S Simultaneous Travel Translator
Pocketalk S - Simultaneous Travel Translator

Pocketalk S is the evolution of bidirectional simultaneous translator powered by AI technology, it is the latest addition to Sourcenext.

We Italians are capable of communicating in all ways and all over the world, but it is not always simple, especially if the information is complex and time constraints.

Today we have our smartphones that help us, but the battery and data traffic when abroad are not unlimited resources. For this reason Pocketalk S it is a real help when you are traveling, not just for conversations but also for i testi, as road signs, insignia, instructions, menu and other information that we often ignore and maybe can make a difference.

At the Milan International Tourism Exchange we have a very accurate conversation with the creators of Pocketalk S, we in Italian, they in Japanese, and given the upcoming travel abroad, we will test it directly in the field for you.

Pocketalk S Simultaneous Travel Translator
Pocketalk S Simultaneous Translator for conversations

The bidirectional multi-sensor device responds with new and sophisticated features to the most demanding needs, such as translating instantly oral conversations in 74 languages Furthermore 130 countries of the world or texts written in 55 languages. In addition, thanks to the best translation engines in the world, Pocketalk offers an always accurate experience, able to recognize even local dialects and slang.

Pocketalk S it is designed to pick up full conversations even in the noisiest situations. It has a sleek design, a large touchscreen, two high-quality speakers, noise-canceling microphones, and an automatic language-sensing camera for text translation. It is possible to translate even in the presence of different written languages ​​- the translation results are shown on the screen and, with a simple click, pronounced in your own language - very useful for example for translating menus and ordering in restaurants and much more!

Pocketalk S Simultaneous Travel Translator
Pocketalk S Simultaneous Travel Translator also for texts

Il new device it is the size of a credit card with a large touch screen and, in addition to the new "camera”, Includes a converter for currency, length, width and temperature updated in real time.

Pocketalk S is equipped with internal battery and a eSIM 4G integrated with two years of traffic unlimited data. It also includes: WiFi in case you want to use your mobile phone in tethering mode; Bluetooth for use also with earphones, speakers or external microphones; a micro-SIM slot if you want to use your own SIM with data subscription.

Pocketalk S it is therefore a reliable travel companion, perfect to take with you in any situation and stands out for:

  • 8 Megapixel camera that allows instant translation of texts
  • Wider screen for greater visibility3
  • Currency converter, measurements and temperature
  • Faster software speed, to allow even more immediate translations
  • One-button translation to get translations with just one click
  • Improved mobile broadband connection and with a stronger signal
  • High quality two-way speakers and microphone with noise-cancellation
  • Super compact and lightweight design (75gr and the size of a credit card)

Pocketalk S, premiered at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and winner - among the best accessories tech - of the "Best translator device - CES 2020"Comes in 4 colors - gold, white, Black e RED - at the price of Euro 299 (including integrated 4G eSIM with two years of unlimited data traffic).

The new device will be available in Italy starting from mid-February on the site europe.pocketalk.net/en, on amazon.it and in the sales points: Smartech La Rinascente in Milan and Rome; Trony; Unieuro at the main airports.


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