San Boldo Pass

The San Boldo pass is the pass that connects the Trevigiana Valley and the Valbelluna.

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San Boldo Pass - Ph. F. Tamai

The San Boldo pass by motorbike is a real pleasure to drive, especially for its views on both sides of the central Belluno Prealps.

Called the "road of 100 days", Passo San Boldo connects the province of Treviso with that of Belluno and was thus built by the Austrian army at the end of 1918, in just 100 days and with 5 tunnels.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 706
Length 33 Km
connection Tovena - trichiana
Number of hairpin bends 20
Winter closure
Road conditions and notes Good conditions. Very busy with cyclists.

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A bit of history

The passage already existed in Roman times and was an impervious necessary communication route between the Alps and the plain and was made suitable for vehicles "only" in 1918 by the Austrian military genius and, following the historical wave, we could start the route from Vittorio Veneto in the province of Treviso, where this city owes its name "Vittorio" to the outcome of the battle that ended the hostilities between Italy ed Austria in 1918.

The path

From Vittorio Veneto then we start and head north towards Belluno but, after passing the hamlet of Serravalle, turn left towards Revine and its famous lakes, after which you reach the locality of Tovena, on the left and from there proceed for the ascent to Passo San Boldo

The Pass barely exceeds 700m and starts with a streamlined and well asphalted road that suddenly arrives in the mouth of a restaurant in full bend, the first that will make us climb towards that spectacle that reveals itself after a dozen bends where you can see the road climb steeply past 5 very narrow tunnels with 2 traffic lights to regulate the flow of traffic. After the 6 km that lead us to San Boldo where the medieval customs was based, you can continue quickly to reach Trichiana in the province of Belluno and enter the Cadore.

Useful tips and curiosities

For almost the whole year, but mostly in summer, it is the destination of thousands of cyclists who try their hand along the 18 hairpin bends to the top. Every year there is the San Boldo cycle tour starting from Vittorio Veneto and the San Boldo time trial starting from Tovena.

To this itinerario you can add the others as well passivated of the area like the ascent of the Kaiser, Passo Giau and many others among South Tyrol and Veneto.

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