Passo della Raticosa (and della Futa)

Just 13 kilometers from the town of Firenzuola, the Passo della Raticosa is a must for all two-wheel enthusiasts.

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
Raticosa pass

The Passo della Raticosa is one of the most famous and exciting in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines as well as a meeting point for many enthusiasts.

For those leaving from Bologna for a day trip, or from Florence, the Passo della Raticosa, together with that of Futa, it is a practically mandatory stage, as well as a path with many really fun curves.

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  1. The path
  2. The Chalet Raticosa
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We started from Bologna to enjoy the beautiful climb up the pass, but for those coming from Firenze, can have a lot of fun on the beautiful curves of the Pass of the Futa.

The path

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
Panorama from the SP65

Starting from Bologna, the first crossing point is Pianoro. From here you can decide whether to take the SP65 immediately towards Livergnano and Loiano, or go through the variant along the Savena stream, very beautiful, cool in summer and definitely fun. Whatever your choice, don't forget to arrive in Monghidoro, where "the beauty begins".

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
The road from Bologna to Raticosa

The Chalet Raticosa

Here the beautiful and tight curves of the Passo della Raticosa begin, which accompany you to the "living room of the centaurs", or the famous Chalet Raticosa, located at the top of the pass. This square, with a small bar, has been for decades the meeting place for motorcyclists who pass here, practically a perennial gathering. We stop for a coffee, for a break or simply to admire the dozens of motorcycle that every day pass through the Futa and Raticosa Passes.

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle caberg curves
Chalet Raticosa

The Futa Pass

For those who want the maximum of fun, they can not "stretch" a few kilometers to get up to Pass of the Futa or maybe up to Mugello and Florence. The Passo della Raticosa is in fact located on the Strada della Futa, so, without detours, almost all motorcyclists take advantage of the proximity of the two passivated to get full of twists and turns.

Passo della Futa Raticosa Mugello motorcycle curves fiesole florence
SR65 Futa Pass

Map and information

The road is in good condition but not all sections are in great shape, so always pay attention to the surface and the traffic, which is often intense on weekends. And if you want to race to challenge yourself, avoid the state road, where there are no shortage of speed cameras and patrols, and take advantage of the magnificent Mugello Circuit.

For this itinerario we used: Caberg Levo helmet - BMW R1200RS motorcycle - Intercom Sena SF4 - SW-Motech bags - Wunderlich windshield