Passo della Novena: by motorbike in the Bernese Alps

From Airolo via the Novena pass, passing from the Gotthard to Ulrichen and then heading towards the Furka pass.

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One of the most Alpine passes in Switzerland, the Novena Pass or Nufenenpass is perfect for a day trip by motorbike.

We start from Airolo, from the San Gottardo to the Strada della Tremola up to the Novena Pass. By connecting the Canton Valais with the Canton Ticino, this itinerary will take you to the Rhone Valley, among the marmots and, given the height, the snow even in summer.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.478
Length 36 Km
connection Ulrichen - Airolo
Number of hairpin bends 22
What to see in the surroundings The Gries Lake and the Corno Gries hut, recently renovated.
Typical dishes of the area Canederli - Kaiserschmarren or emperor's pie (sweet omelette)
Winter closure from November to May
Road conditions and notes buone

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Historical notes

The road leading to the Novena Pass was built between 1965 and 1969 and takes up the ancient road that already connected Ticino with the Valais in the 500th century, with the pass moved 2439 meters further south, at XNUMX m asl.

Near the pass we can admire the Gries lake, the Corno Gries hut and Passo del Corno with the homonymous lake. The presence of the sources of the river is noteworthy Ticino and Ägene.


Let's start with Airolo, already from 1.175 m above sea level and we walk along the "Via Fontana“, With the river Ticino that accompanies us parallel for several kilometers. This part of the itinerary is pleasant to drive because we do not face any notable curves or slopes. We arrive at the border between the Canton Ticino and Valais where the start of the climb to the pass awaits us, with a peak maximum of 13%.

At the respectable height of 2.478 meters, the pass awaits us, where we find a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a small but picturesque alpine lake. The panorama offers the view that sweeps from the Goms Valley to the Val Berdetto.

After a well-deserved break we descend along the Nufenenstrasse towards Ulrichen, our destination itinerario, from where we can then decide to continue along the Furkastrasse towards the famous Furka Pass or step of the The plug.

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