Passo del Foscagno: itinerary among the Rhaetian Alps

The Foscagno Pass: an easy itinerary in the Poschiavo Valley to get to Livigno from Bormio and perhaps continue along the Swiss passes.

Passo del Foscagno itinerary
Foscagno Pass - Trepalle - Ph Ignacy Sedlak

The Foscagno pass connects the Livigno valley with the Valtellina and Valdidentro. A beautiful panoramic road between the Stelvio and the passes of Switzerland.

In addition to connecting Bormio to the Bernina pass, it is a valid alternative to reach Livigno by crossing the Poschiavo valley, without having to go through Switzerland.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.291
Length 143 Km
connection Colico Piano / Livigno
Number of hairpin bends 11
What to see in the surroundings Shopping in Livigno, Bernina red train
Typical dishes of the area pizzoccheri, polenta, meats alla pioda
Winter closure No.
Road conditions and notes Good conditions

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Renowned for tourism and for being exempt from excise duties. The news with regard to the non-customs area, they date back to the Napoleonic period: at that time the exemption of duties for the State was defined.

In 1939 there was the closure of the nearby supply markets Switzerland. The Ministry of Finance, which prohibited the export of basic foodstuffs, authorized the introduction of some foodstuffs intended for the population in Livigno through the customs of Foscagno.

Thanks to the tax relief it enjoys over time Livigno has emerged from the situation of poverty of the past and thanks to the tourist development of the area, many travel the Foscagno Pass to go to this enchanted area.


Let's start with Flat Colico and take the SS38 direction Sondrio. after passing Sondrio, we recommend a coffee at Tirano, in the shadow of the Sanctuary of the Madonna. In Tirano it is possible to take the famous one Bernina red train, for an old-time immersion in the mountains.

Behind the Sanctuary the road forks: if we turned left we would go to Bernina in Switzerland, but we continue on the SS38 up to BormioFrom Bormio we take the SS301 up to the Foscagno Pass.

After the pass we aim towards Livigno, where we will park the motorcycle to stretch our legs among typical shops and restaurants at really affordable prices. Don't forget to fill up with petrol, the savings are guaranteed!

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