Dordona Pass

Discovering the dirt roads of Lombardy and the most beautiful Alpine Passes.

Passo Dordona by motorbike between Valtellina and Val Brembana
Passo Dordona by motorbike between Valtellina and Val Brembana

Passo Dordona, to discover Lombardy by motorbike, among asphalted Alpine Passes, dirt roads or dirt paths for maxi enduro.

The Dordona pass can be reached via a dirt road that connects the town of Foppolo (BG) (Val Brembana) with the characteristic village of Fusine (SO), in Valtellina.

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The climb from Fusine (SO)

The road, if you start from Fusine, is an escalation of difficulty: you enter a forest where you are welcomed by a road with asphalt and tight bends uphill, and then continue in a gentle way. If traveled with the right respect, it also takes away some great satisfactions. The forest is a treasure chest, surprises and special encounters: I was able to see my first fox live. It was a great feeling.

Passo Dordona by motorbike between Valtellina and Val Brembana
Passo Dordona - The dirt road

We then tackle the simple dirt road that climbs gently through the woods. This is where I recommend that you stop and lower the tire pressure to 1,5 bar, as the dirt road must be tackled with well-adhered tires. To make the path more fun we think of artificial water drains, nothing difficult, but still to be faced with the right technique and prudence. A fantastic panorama welcomes you to the refuge, a fair reward for the effort faced. After an excellent coffee at high altitude, another three kilometers of ascent await us to get to the actual pass.

The descent towards Foppolo

From the pass you go down towards Foppolo, or as I say, towards hell, since the road becomes a real stony ground of 4 km that does not let you breathe for a moment. Mine motorcycle it is objectively heavy for this track, I do not have enough experience and I am alone: ​​the effort is really great, the anxiety does not help, the distant goal the sun beats directly on the helmet in a barren environment. Surfing the net, I discovered that it is actually better to go up from Foppolo. I confirm! About 5 km from Foppolo there is a petrol station where it is possible to bring the tire pressure at the right value.

To know

The step is a payment, I have not seen signs that specify it, but in Fusine there is a bar that issues these permits for three euros.

Other destinations

Allotment and take to the Val Taleggio: paradise for us motorcyclists, as the soft curves and mild temperatures make you savor the very meaning of being a motorcyclist. After the peak of San Pietro I go down towards Val Sassina, and then head home.

Useful Tips

Equip yourself with knobby wheels and a pocket gauge for tire pressure.

Where to sleep and eat

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