Spluga Pass (Splugenpass)

The Spluga Pass is one of the most beautiful in the Alps for motorcycles and bicycles. A pass full of hairpin bends that connects Splugen, Switzerland, to Chiavenna.

passo dello spluga splugenpass route itinerary motorbike bike switzerland
Spluga Pass - ph. Shutterstock

The Spluga Pass connects the Swiss city of the same name, Splugen to Chiavenna in Italy. Cross and delight for its treacherous bends, it is a real challenge for motorcyclists and cyclists.

The Spluga Pass (Splügenpass in German) is one of the most important passes in the Alps, known since ancient times, it was built between 1821 and 1823, while the Via Spluga of the Roman period was built at the end of the XNUMXst century BC

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.113
Length 45 Km
connection Chiavenna (SO) - Splugen (Switzerland
Number of hairpin bends 31
Winter closure From October / November to April
Road conditions and notes good

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The Spluga Pass

What characterizes this pass is the diversity of views that we encounter: starting from Chiavenna we start to climb towards Campodolcino and here there are two alternatives: either we continue to Madesimo (shorter road) or we opt for Isola. If you choose the direction of Madesimo, a first part awaits us characterized by a wooded road, not very scenic but with many fun curves. When the road begins to climb, it offers bends that are not exactly simple and the tunnels that await us must be faced with the right caution, as they are almost alternating, given the limited space. The presence of buses and campers does not help. We highly recommend choosing a time with little traffic.

passo dello spluga splugenpass route itinerary motorbike bike switzerland
Spluga Pass - ph. Fabio Capone

If you choose the road that passes through Isola, the situation changes here: the road is wide and the few returned are wide and safe, we highly recommend it especially for beginners. The road also offers a couple of safe stops to take photos of the Isolate Dam and its man-made lake. Before Madesimo the two roads cross each other and continue upwards to the Montespluga dam. There you can stop or continue for other hairpin bends up to the actual pass, which welcomes the border with Switzerland. Coming down from the Swiss side, a well asphalted road awaits us with hairpin bends that offer breathtaking views.

Advice and information

If you choose not to go in Switzerland but to return to Chiavenna, we advise you to stop for a cutting board at the Acquamerla kiosk in Campodolcino, you can find it by redoing the road that leads to Isola. The restaurant is surrounded by greenery where even families with children find refreshment in this little corner of paradise.

After the aperitif we continue to descend towards Chiavenna, where we recommend you have lunch at the Crotto Belvedere, a restaurant that still boasts a working crotto, where you can taste the local specialties.

Route map