Passo della Cisa: a must for every motorcyclist

From Emilia to Tuscany: the historic Cisa Pass, between Parma and La Spezia, top for bikers and cyclists who like to brush the SS62.

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Up and down between the curves and flavors of the Cisa Pass: one of the most famous itineraries between Parma and La Spezia for the people of two wheels.

Once a strategic road for commercial and military use, with the opening of the A15 and the consequent decongestion of traffic, it has become the amusement arcade for motorcyclists.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.041
Length 127 Km
connection Parma / La Spezia
Number of hairpin bends 10
What to see in the surroundings
Typical dishes of the area mushrooms, game, deer, wild boar
Winter closure No.
Road conditions and notes Very good condition

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A road full of history and charm, as armies, merchants and pilgrims passed through here, since the pass had a strategic function. With the opening of the A15 motorway, everything has changed: few cars, almost no trucks but many two wheels, because the Cisa is done both by bike and by motorcycle.

Points of interest

At the top of the pass we can visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Guard: an ancient gothic building. Give it away Tuscany we will meet Pontremoli a characteristic village of Lunigiana. The city straddles two rivers. The main street runs between medieval palaces and churches. Worth a visit: The Piagnaro Castle la Church of St. GeorgePorta Parma, Porta Fiorentina and Diocesan Museum in the Bishop's Palace.

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Aulla - Brunella Fortress - Ph. Canva


We leave Parma to go and take the SS 62 which immediately plunges into the thick Emilian vegetation, accompanied for several kilometers by the Taro river, up to Collecchio.

We take a small detour on the SP49 and then return to the SS62 and head towards Castellonchio and Berceto, from where the SS62 begins to climb towards the Della Cisa Pass, which connects the Parma area with the province of Massa Carrara. We cross the pass from Ponte Alcide de Gasperi and after Via della Liberazione. We go down from the Tuscan side, towards Pontremoli via the SP36 / SP31 and take the SS62 again. Aulla.

In Santo Stefano Magra we head towards La Spezia, a locality that is part of the Cinque Terre, always driving on the SS62 which has turned into SS330. On arrival we don't want to reward ourselves with a swim in the splendid bay of La Spezia in the Tyrrhenian Sea?

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