Passo del Cerreto: by motorbike on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Itinerary in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines between history and curves of the Cerreto pass, near Monte La Nuda, a destination for motorcyclists and cyclists.

Tuscan-Emilian Apennines road itinerary Passo del Cerreto motorcycle bike
Apennines - Shutterstock ph. By Anahy Modeneis

Passo del Cerreto is the well-known itinerary that crosses the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, one of the most popular roads for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Near the pass stands Monte La Nuda (1895 m) where the town of Cerreto Laghi stands, on the shores of the Apennine lake of glacial origin, a popular destination for winter sports.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.261
Length 122 Km
connection Sarzana / Reggio Emilia
Number of hairpin bends
What to see in the surroundings Cerreto lake
Typical dishes of the area Mushrooms, chestnuts, truffles
Winter closure No.
Road conditions and notes buone

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The chosen route is quite long but full of natural glimpses and stages with a historical background, there is no shortage of bends and bends for all types of motorcyclists.


We start from Sarzana, not after having visited at least the Sarzanello Fortress, from which the city itself comes to life. We take the SS62 towards Caprigliola and then from Aulla where ours actually starts from itinerario which will almost entirely follow the state road 63 of the Valico del Cerreto.

The first kilometers traveled on the SS 63 see us flanking the Aulella stream up to the town of Rometta.

Once in Fivizzano we stop to admire the landscape of the Lunigiana valley and to visit the Stele di Verrucola statue and the menhir of the boulder of Nazio, evidence of the prehistoric origin of the locality.

From here the ascent to the Cerreto pass officially begins, a road of 19 kilometers with a variable slope between 8 and 8,7% that will take us to 1.261 meters of altitude making the Cerreto pass one of the highest. passivated of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The descent, always on the SS63, leads us to pass by Toscana in Emilia, and having passed the town of Collagna, we completely overcome the pass.

The next 60 kilometers reserve truly beautiful natural landscapes: from the Secchia river to the glimpse of the Po valley, visible from the village of Vezzano sul Crostolo. Finally we reach Rivalta and shortly after we continue on the SS63 which will take us to Reggio Emilia and a good plate of tortellini!

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