Colle del Moncenisio by motorbike: itinerary among the Cottian Alps

Colle del Moncenisio by motorbike: Itinerary between the Cottian Alps and the Graian Alps towards the lake of Moncenisio up to the Colle dell'Iseran.

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Between France and Italy the Colle del Moncenisio divides the Cottian Alps from the Graian Alps with alternative itineraries such as the Colle del piccolo Moncenisio and other passes.

Motorbike itinerary from Val di Susa to Moncenisio lake for an exciting and very fun ride for the guide.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.084 m
Length 43 Km
connection Susa (Italy) - Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis (France)
Number of hairpin bends 21
What to see in the surroundings Moncenisio lake
Typical dishes of the area Cajettes (potato gnocchi) chestnut soup, Pan della marchesa (almond cake and toasted hazelnuts)
Winter closure from December to May
Road conditions and notes good conditions, medium difficulty

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Historical and touristic notes:

In the past the pass was disputed between the Duchy of Savoy and the powerful Abbey of Novalesa, due to the presence in the area of ​​rich pastures and woods. Historically it was also thought that Hannibal could have used the hill of the small Moncenisio to cross the Alps.

The oldest uphill car race has been held since 1902, the Susa-Moncenisio

Destination for cycling enthusiasts in summer, during the winter the road (RN 6) that descends from the hill on the French side, once covered with snow, becomes a ski slope with the name of “Escargot”.


Starting from the Italian side, in Piedmont, directly from Susa, we take the SP210, a scenic and fun road full of hairpin bends that leads us to Novalesa and then up to the hill, passing close to the Cenischia stream. After the border, the road takes the name of D1006 and is the one that will take us up to the hill, along the Moncenisio lake.

The last part of the route, going down towards Lanslebourg-Mont-Cenis, takes us to the Vanoise National Park, A short distance from Bonneval sur Arc, where we might begin the ascent to Colle dell'Iseran.