Dolomites by motorbike: Passo Cereda

Passo Cereda is a perfect alpine pass for those traveling by motorbike in the Dolomites: panoramas, curves and enchanting places to stop and taste the dishes of the region.

Passo Cereda by motorbike
Passo Cereda - Ph: dlaurro

Passo Cereda is one of the most beautiful itineraries in the Dolomites and one of the most evocative Alpine Passes to be done by motorbike. Route and useful tips.

Passo Cereda is an alpine pass of the Trentino located at a height of 1.369 m above sea level, the state road 347 passes through it, connecting the Primiero valley to the Mis valley, or San Martino di Castrozza (within which the pass is located) and the municipality of Sagron Mis.

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Itinerary and the Pale di San Martino

Near the pass the Cereda stream is born, which descends towards the Primiero valley, merging into the Canali stream before reaching Tonadico. North of the pass you can see the end of the Pale di San Martino, with Mount Dalaibòl, while to the south there is the Cimonega group with Piz Sagron and Sass de Mura.

As for the tourist activity on the site, there is a refuge and a restaurant. In summer, the pass can be the starting or ending point for mountain hikes. A short distance from the pass, in a clearing in the locality of Frate, is the small church of Santa Rita, once made of wood but after its fire it was rebuilt in masonry.

Variants and map

For the motorcyclists in transit it is possible to enter the pass in a tour between the peaks and passivated most beautiful in Italy, from Falzarego to the Sella Group, from Cadore Three peaks of Lavaredo.

The pass is located along the path of the Alta Via n. 2 of The Dolomites, (the "Altavia delle Legende"), which connects Bressanone (South Tyrol) in Feltre (province of Belluno).

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