The Alpine passes are the most popular roads and routes for motorcyclists and cyclists from all over the world. Here are the most beautiful Italian passes in the entire Alpine arc.

Here is an overview of all the main passes, passes and hills of Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

And if you are not satisfied with twists and turns, you can always cross over and discover the passes of France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.

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11 Alpine passes in 48 hours

By motorbike in the Alps between France and Italy, to discover the most beautiful passes and roads between Savoy, Vars, Liguria and Piedmont.

Colle del Monginevro: by motorbike in the Val di Susa

Itinerary in the Val di Susa to discover Colle del Monginevro, an ancient Italian-French pass. An easy road full of history

Colle del Nivolet by motorbike

Motorbike itinerary along the road that leads to Colle del Nivolet which reaches 2.612 meters in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Colle dell'Agnello: on motorbike on the Cottian Alps in Piedmont

The itinerary to Colle dell'Agnello is one of the steepest and most scenic roads in the Cottian Alps: information and useful tips

Colle della Fauniera

Colle della Fauniera by motorbike, a magnificent itinerary in the Cottian Alps to discover the four most beautiful valleys in the province of Cuneo.

Colle della Lombarda by motorbike

The Colle della Lombarda is considered a challenging pass and itinerary, due to the hairpin bends, the slopes and the width of the road.

Colle della Maddalena and the Stura Valley by motorbike

Colle della Maddalena is located on the border between Italy and France. Motorbike itinerary from the Stura di Demonte Valley to the Ubaye Valley.

Dolomites by motorbike: Campolongo Pass and Sellaronda

Campolongo Pass: one of the four passes of the Sellaronda itinerary that connects the passes: Gardena, Sella, Pordoi.

Dolomites by motorbike: Passo Cereda

Passo Cereda is one of the most beautiful itineraries in the Dolomites and one of the most evocative Alpine Passes to be done by motorbike. Route and useful tips.

Dolomites by motorbike: Costalunga Pass

Dolomites and Trentino by motorbike: itinerary from Bolzano to Vigo di Fassa through the Costalunga Pass or the Nigra Pass

Dolomites by motorbike: Passo di Lago Fedaia

Passo Fedaia by motorbike, on the homonymous lake, takes you to admire all the splendor of the Marmolada, from which the glacier streams flow.

Dolomites by motorbike: Falzarego Pass

Passo Falzarego, theater of the most bitter battles in the Dolomites, spectacular to ride by motorbike, panoramic and rich in history.

Dolomites by motorbike: Gardena Pass

Passo Gardena, one of the best-known passes in the Dolomites, offers unique views and lots of fun bends: a true paradise for motorcycles.

Dolomites by motorbike: Giau Pass

Discover Passo Giau by motorbike on the itinerary from Cortina d'Ampezzo to Selva di Cadore, passing through Alleghe, a truly unmissable road.

Dolomites by motorbike: Pordoi Pass

Passo Pordoi one of the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites, to be done by motorbike or bicycle, it is also the second highest road in Italy at 2.239 meters.

Dolomites by motorbike: Passo Sella

Passo Sella is the most famous and beaten in the Dolomites and Trentino, a pleasure for those who ride a motorbike especially for the views it offers.

The Stelvio Pass: a unique driving experience

Discover the Stelvio Pass by motorbike: one of the most spectacular mountain roads in the world between the panoramas of the Italian and Swiss Alps.

By motorbike in Val D'Aosta from the Castles to the Spas to the Piccolo San Bernardo

Val D'Aosta, small and incredible, perfect for a weekend on a motorcycle among curves, mountains, spas and castles rich in history.

Monte Zoncolan "the ascent of the Kaiser"

Mount Zoncolan, nicknamed “the Kaiser” is very well known among cyclists: an extremely demanding climb to be tackled by bike.

Passo Campo Carlo Magno, the Brenta Dolomites by motorbike

Motorbike itinerary between Val di Sole and Val Rendena, between nature and famous tourist resorts. Guide and route information.

Passo del Cerreto: by motorbike on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Itinerary in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines between history and curves of the Cerreto pass, near Monte La Nuda, a destination for motorcyclists and cyclists

Passo del Foscagno: itinerary among the Rhaetian Alps

The Foscagno Pass: an easy itinerary in the Poschiavo Valley to reach Livigno from Bormio and continue along the Swiss passes.

Mortirolo Pass

The Mortirolo pass is a great classic among the roads to be done by motorbike in Lombardy between Valtellina and Val Camonica.

Simplon Pass: between Italy and Switzerland by motorbike

Simple and fast itinerary that connects the Val d'Ossola in Piedmont with the Rhone Valley in Switzerland between history and nature.

Passo del Tonale by motorbike

Itinerary between Lombardy and Trentino for a pleasant and relaxing driving experience through the woods and the Alps.

Umbrail Pass the highest Swiss pass

The Umbrail Pass or Giogo di Santa Maria, connects Switzerland with the Stelvio Pass, in Italy at an altitude of 2.503 meters.

Passo della Calla: itinerary among the Casentinesi forests

Motorbike (or bike) itinerary in the Casentinesi Forests National Park through the Calla Pass, between Tuscany and Emilia

Passo della Cisa: a must for every motorcyclist

From Emilia to Tuscany: the historic Passo della Cisa, between Parma and La Spezia, top for bikers and cyclists who love to brush the SS62

Passo delle Erbe: from Chiusa to Val Badia

Passo delle Erbe is one of the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites, it is very scenic and undemanding, perfect for motorcycles or bicycles.

Passo dello Stelvio - Stilfser Joch

The King of the Alpine passes, the Stelvio Pass is the undisputed most scenic and technical pass in the Alps to be done by motorbike or bicycle.

Stelvio Pass, Umbrail, Gavia, Foscagno and Mortirolo

By motorbike from Bormio, on some of the most beautiful passes in Italy between wellness and excellent cuisine: Passo Stelvio, Umbrail, Gavia, Foscagno and Mortirolo.

Dordona Pass

Passo Dordona, to discover Lombardy by motorbike, among asphalted Alpine Passes, dirt roads or dirt paths for maxi enduro.

Passo Fittanze: itinerary in the Lessine Dolomites

Motorbike itinerary in the Lessine Dolomites: the Fittanze pass and the historical sites between the Lagarina valley and the Bosco Chiesanuova area.

Gavia Pass: motorcycle itinerary in the Rhaetian Alps in Lombardy

Passo Gavia: slightly demanding itinerary in the Val di Gavia that connects Bormio to Ponte di Legno and then chooses other passes

Giovo Pass by motorbike

Passo Giovo by motorbike: curves, hairpin bends and breathtaking views in the heart of Tyrol just a few kilometers from the Passo del Rombo.

Step Manghen

Passo Manghen, one of the most popular passes in Trentino for its pristine context and the many panoramic curves by motorbike.

Passo Pennes: the eastern Rhaetian Alps by motorbike

Passo Pennes, in Trentino Alto Adige, is a short itinerary in the eastern Rhaetian Alps between Vipiteno and Bolzano, very suggestive

Passo Pramollo (Nassfeld) by motorbike in the Alps

The Passo di Pramollo, Nassfled in German, is a suggestive mountain pass with a splendid lake where you can stop by motorbike.

Resia Pass: by motorbike between the Val Venosta in the Tyrolean Alps

Resia Pass: information and itinerary on the connecting ring of the Val Venosta, between Alto Adige in Italy and the Austrian Tyrol.

Passo Rombo by motorbike - Timmelsjoch

Passo Rombo in motion, also known as Timmelsjoch, is one of the most challenging and suggestive passes on the border between Italy and Austria in Tyrol.

San Boldo Pass

The San Boldo pass by motorbike is a real pleasure to drive, especially for its views on both sides of the central Belluno Prealps.

Passo San Marco and Val Taleggio

Passo San Marco and Val Taleggio by motorbike: a classic and spectacular itinerary a few kilometers from Milan and the main cities of Lombardy.

Passo Stalle: East Tyrol by motorbike

Val Pusteria by motorbike: Route from Brunico to the bends of the Stalle Pass in East Tyrol to Austria.

Valparola Pass: South Tyrol and Veneto by motorbike

Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto by motorbike: between the trenches of the great war across the Valparola Pass and the Falzarego Pass.

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