Resia Pass: by motorbike between the Val Venosta in the Tyrolean Alps

Resia Pass: information and itinerary on the connecting ring of the Val Venosta, between Alto Adige in Italy and the Austrian Tyrol.

itinerary travel motorcycle road Lake Resia and the submerged bell tower
Lake Resia and the submerged bell tower - Ph. Shutterstock

The Resia Pass, near the Stelvio Pass, is famous for its artificial lake and the most photographed bell tower in Italy. Unmissable stop among the many itineraries of South Tyrol and Switzerland.

The itinerary is also suitable for beginners due to its simplicity of execution thanks to the never demanding road. An obligatory passage for those passing through the area, even if it is often very crowded by now.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 1.504
Length 40 Km
connection Malles Venosta - Pfunds Martina
Number of hairpin bends 10 from Martina (CH) 17
What to see in the surroundings Sturmann's cave in Obermaiselstein
Typical dishes of the area Apple strudel, barley soup, dumplings, goulash, Strauben
Winter closure No.
Road conditions and notes Very good condition

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Frozen lake Resia motorcycle road trip itinerary
Frozen Lake Resia - Ph. Canva

The Resia Lake

There were three in the vicinity of the Resia Pass lakes natural sites: Lake Resia, Lake Curon and Lake San Valentino alla Muta. The construction of a large dam in 1950 unified the first two lakes and submerged the ancient town of Curon Venosta: 163 houses and 523 hectares of land planted with fruit were submerged. The basin of the current lake was born, from which the upper part of the old Curon bell tower still emerges (grain) and is the only remaining and still visible part of the primitive Romanesque structure dating back to 1357 which included the church of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria and its bell tower. During the cold season, when the lake freezes, the bell tower is within walking distance. A legend tells that on some winter days the bells would still be heard, but they were removed from the bell tower on 18 July 1950.


We choose to face the pass from the northern side, starting from Martina and proceeding towards northeast da MartinsbruckerStr./B185 to Martinsbruck to be able to enjoy eleven hairpin bends and a beautiful series of curves. The street will then take the name of ReschenStraße/B180 and will take us straight to Lake Resia, where a stop with a souvenir photo with the bell tower as a background is a must. In Resia we continue on the SS40 up to Malles Venosta, our point of arrival, but an excellent stage of conjunction if you want to proceed, for example, towards the Pass of the Stelvio or Pennes Pass.

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