Passo Pennes: the eastern Rhaetian Alps by motorbike

Passo Pennes, in Trentino Alto Adige, is a short itinerary in the eastern Rhaetian Alps between Vipiteno and Bolzano, but always very suggestive and fun.

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Pennes Pass - Ph. Canva

From Bolzano to Vipiteno and the Alta Valle Isarco: motorcycle itinerary to discover the Rhaetian Alps and the most beautiful areas of South Tyrol.

A short itinerary that runs along the SS508 and the Sarentino Valley, we propose a short but suggestive itinerary that reaches other steps to do by motorbike.

Altitude (meters above sea level) 2.215
Length 70 Km
connection Bozen / Sterzing
Number of hairpin bends 10
What to see in the surroundings Vipiteno, the Sarentino Valley, Bolzano, Reinegg Castle
Typical dishes of the area Roe deer with blueberries, Val Pusteria ravioli, Zelten (sweet bread)
Winter closure si
Road conditions and notes variable conditions depending on the slope

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step pennes route travel motorcycle road step route panorama information bike
Sarentino - Ph. Canva

The Sarentino Valley

Already inhabited in the Stone Age, with settlements of hunters and gatherers, today the valley is renowned for embroidery on leather, which was done in ancient times and is still offered to tourists today, with the rachis of peacock tail feathers. Famous is the particular art of carving peasant pipes (Reggele), typical Tyrolean furniture as well as hand weaving and knitting, to produce the Sarner, wool jacket and the traditional costume of the valley, the Sarner Tracht


From Bolzano we take the SS508 and climb towards Sarentino, which we reach after about 20 kilometers. From Sarentino begins the climb towards Pennes Pass, which must be approached with caution since the slope can even reach 13%, as we pass from the 948 meters of Sarentino to the 2.211 meters of the actual pass. The road is not recent and in some places steep. At the top, a breathtaking panorama awaits us and a refuge where we can refresh ourselves. The descent, which alternates the SS508 with the final SS44, takes us to our final destination.

Sterzing is one of the most beautiful historical centers in Italy and one of the pearls ofSouth Tyrol. A medieval city center, famous for Tower of the Twelve which divides the historic side of the center from the more recent one.

From here you can also stretch instead towards the South West, towards Giovo Pass e Timmelsjoch.

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