Wunderlich windshield for BMW - Long test and review

Wunderlich windshield test and review for BMW R1200RS

Windshield Wunderlich bmw travel windscreen windshield r1200rs r1250rs
Wunderlich windshield

We have been testing the BMW R1200RS specific Wunderlich windshield for over a month, here is our review, pros and cons.

First of all, let's talk about Wunderlich, the German company specializing in the production of accessories and components only for BMW. A niche choice, based on the “little but good” principle or “only” accessories for all BMWs but made to perfection.

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one of the accessories best sellers are the windshields, of every shape, size and shade, for each single model of the Bavarian house. Obviously, the various models for the many GS that have succeeded each other over time are the masters, followed by the same number of items for the rest of the range, current and past.

For ours BMW R1200RS, faithful travel companion, we wanted to try the specific touring model to understand first of all how they are made and then if they are better or worse than the originals. So we left for a long weekend on the pass of the Futa, in Chianti up to Lake Bolsena.

Windshield Wunderlich bmw travel windscreen windshield r1200rs r1250rs
Wunderlich windshield

Let's start fromunboxing: the windshield arrives in a beautiful protected package, wrapped in a practical fabric case that you can use as a "cover" when the motorcycle is at rest. Inside you will find instructions in several languages ​​and all the necessary hardware (screws and other small parts).

Il mounting it is immediate, fast and intuitive and the first thing you will notice is the considerable extra height compared to the original, which from an aesthetic point of view obviously makes the bike's sporty line lose some points. But it is not for the aesthetics that we bought it.

Il matter it is sturdy and the German quality is touched by hand. The lines are designed to minimize airflow and direct it over the head and shoulders. Also, being transparent, once mounted it still looks similar to the original. Now let's go to the street!

Windshield Wunderlich bmw travel windscreen windshield r1200rs r1250rs
Wunderlich windshield

Already from the first kilometers we notice the difference: the air passes up and the comfort increases immediately. The pressure on the helmet is almost canceled, as well as on the shoulders, while letting the air subject to the depression flow out, which always generates that pleasant freshness on the hottest days.

By regulating the windshield, using the BMW bracket, up or down, you can have a “touring” effect (bottom) or even a “scooter” effect with the whole windscreen raised. Good visibility through the lexan, even if not perfect on the sides, but remember that you will never have the windshield above your eyes, at most flush.

In highway the comfort is truly remarkable: if you are not a fan of the air in your face, these 14 cm more will change your life and almost allow you to travel with a Jet or with a helmet that can be opened in the "open" position even if I do not recommend it as a matter of fact from safety.

In close we can say that the purchase is definitely recommended if you are looking for a travel and protective windshield, which BMW does not even do as an accessory. Unlike the original, the look is less sporty and the finish you will notice is slightly lower, but what the original windshield does not have is travel comfort in all situations and excellent protection even in rainy weather like wunderlich.

For more information you can visit the manufacturer's website at the following link: wunderlich.de in Italian too.

For the test we used: Motorcycle BMW R1200RS, Jacket Spidi Netrunner, Pants Spidi Thunder H2Out, Helmet Caberg Levo.