O'Neal Sierra II

O'Neal Sierra II - a great helmet for adventure touring at an affordable price. Here is our test and review.

ONeal Sierra II
O'Neal Sierra II

O'Neal Sierra II is an adventure helmet at an affordable price, with a sun visor, aerodynamic, removable and breathable interior.

O'Neal is a company that has been producing motocross sports equipment since 1970, including i helmets. For some years it has expanded its offer also ranging in the road and tourist field and since we of Moto Excape we specialize in travel motorcycle, we could not fail to test one of its products dedicated to this world: the Sierra II.

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Built in ABS, the Sierra II derives in all respects from a cross helmet, with a very long chin guard and a beautiful sun visor. The interior is in polystyrene and the interior in polyester is easily removable by means of a pressure clip and insert tabs. The helmet has been enriched with an internal sun visor that is activated by a click via a lever on the left side of the main visor. The weight is contained in 1600 grams, not really light, but not excessively heavy. Among accessories the visor is also included Pinlock and a schooner that limits the access of air and noise. A sporty touch is given by the double D closure strap, as in the most professional sports helmets, a little more uncomfortable than those with micrometric adjustment but much more effective. The available sizes range from XS to XXL.


ONeal Sierra II
O'Neal Sierra II

The helmet is not designed to remain without its faceplate which must be removed only to replace the visor; it is joined to the cap with 5 screws that are easy to unscrew with a coin, even if they can be stripped easily. The visor is wide and allows a good side view. Once you have removed the soft and comfortable internal padding, of which I must say that it tightens the cheeks a little too much, the helmet reveals the grooved polystyrene part that allows ventilation. The grooves are longitudinal and directly connect the front holes to the rear ones so the air flow is direct. A discordant note in a touring helmet is the lack of notches to house the intercoms. On the contrary, it is possible to wear a cross mask simply leaving the transparent visor, which is then useful in case of rain off-road.


Looking at the helmet, you notice the different air intakes that make it a helmet suitable for use in the summer, in fact the only one that can be opened and closed is the one on the chin guard, while the ones above are always open. The air intake on the chin has two adjustments: it can be opened and closed externally or, leaving it open, divert the flow through a diverter inside the chin guard that moves the flow directed to the mouth towards the channels at the base of the visor, creating a flow towards the forehead along the visor.


ONeal Sierra II
O'Neal Sierra II

As already mentioned, the helmet is for purely summer use or at most from late spring because the air flow of the vents placed on the shell is considerable and you can feel it, the internal longitudinal grooves make the air well perceived in the hair and not being able to close, too low a temperature would literally freeze your head. Instead, the effective double adjustment of the front mouth is better; closed externally it does not allow dust to enter, but once opened you can adjust the flow of air towards the mouth or shoot it up through the holes on the "nose" giving a sensation of breeze all over the face. The front panel is very aerodynamic and even at high speeds it does not create turbulence or a sail effect, unfortunately the off-road derivation of the Sierra II means that the sun visor is pointed upwards, partially affecting its ability to shelter the eyes from the sun and forcing you to keep your head pointed down. The real flaw of the Sierra II to aspire to be a helmet from touring, in addition to the aforementioned lack of a housing for the headphones of an intercom is the noise: unfortunately the noise is heard and comes overwhelmingly from the spacious chin guard, but also the rustles of air in the long run are no less annoying. In a long motorway trip it could be a considerable inconvenience.


All in all, the Sierra II O'Neal helmet is a good helmet compared to the price (€ 179,99) if you plan to use it in the summer and to have fun not only in the curves but also in some off-road outings, absolutely to be discarded. from October to March and if you plan to use it on a long trip.

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