Engine oil: what it is for, which one and how it should be chosen

How to choose motor oil for your motorcycle: operation, types of oil, useful tips to keep the mechanics in perfect order for a long time.

Motor oil what it is for, which one and how it should be chosen - Ph. Canva

As in cars, even in motorcycles, engine oil performs the function of lubricating the engine components, improving their functionality and extending their operating life.

Any attentive motorcyclist is well aware of the importance of regularly checking the level and purity of this fluid. Since each motorcycle has its own peculiarities and different lubrication needs, choosing the right oil is essential

So let's try to concisely expose the characteristics of this fluid, providing some advice on its maintenance.

In motorcycle engines, oil acts differently than in cars. In a 4-stroke motorcycle engine, for example, we have a combined oil system throughout the engine, cultural, e clutchwhereas in a car the engine oil is different from that of the transmission.

In general terms, motorcycle oils are distinguished in synthetic oils ed semi-synthetic oils.

The oils synthetic they are modified oils, containing pure crude oil as an additive. The advantage of this type of oils is theirs lower viscosity, which translates into greater fluidity in the engine circuit and a considerable reduction in internal friction. Technically, the term "viscosity" refers to the resistance of a flowing fluid, as conferred by the cohesive force of the molecules. With a high viscosity, the oil will move through the engine circuit more slowly. The disadvantage of synthetic oils is financial, since synthetic oils are a bit more expensive.

The oils semi-synthetic, as the name suggests, they are made from a blend of mineral and synthetic oils. This type of oils they are ideal for 125-180cc engines, having an average size.

As concrete examples, we can briefly consider two types of oil engine for motorcycle.

FANFARO FF6208-1 engine oil is perfect for a large number of notes marche of motion. It is a synthetic oil, having a viscosity class SAE 20W-50, with the specifications API SN, JA SO MA, JA SO MA-2. This oil should be used on 4-stroke, air-cooled or water-cooled engines with integrated and non-integrated manual transmission.

CHEMPIOIL CH9307-1 engine oil It is suitable for use in a large number of motorcycle models, equipped with 4-stroke engines. It is a synthetic oil, having a viscosity class SAE 20W-40, with the JASO MA-2 specifications; SM API. Can be used on dry clutch engines, effectively protecting engine components and gearbox.

The engine oil should be replaced at least once a year or after reaching the mileage of 10.000-15.000 km or according to the manufacturer's instructions (check your use and maintenance manual). In fact, its regular change, preventing the problems related to its aging and the impurities that inevitably form over time, helps to improve the performance of the bike. However, these are relative values, since a lot depends on the model of the bike, the driving style and also on the quality of the roads traveled.

It should also be added that it is always a good idea to buy an oil that is compatible with your motorcycle model: a wrong oil, for example having a viscosity that is not suitable for the vehicle's engine, could cause serious problems. Finally, it should be remembered that burnt oil must always be collected in a special container and delivered to a service station or a collection point: it must never be dispersed into the environment.